College of Basic and Applied Sciences Research

While quality teaching is our number one priority, CBAS faculty are engaged in interesting and productive research at a level appropriate for a Carnegie Doctoral/Extensive university. CBAS faculty lead the university in research and external grants. We are especially proud of the collaborative research that our faculty do with our students. Undergraduate research is a focus of the college.

Faculty are encouraged to apply for internal research funding sources through the 'Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee' as well as other funding opportunities available at MTSU to build their program of research. A record of internal funding facilitates a track-record for faculty as they apply for external funding. The Office of Research Services provides guidance for faculty as well as support for completing proposal-funding forms.

Faculty Research

Many faculty have active programs of scholarship in their respective disciplines. Group efforts between the departments/schools are encouraged to foster and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Additionally, alliance on research projects with community agencies in the region is valued to strengthen partnerships with business, industry and non-profit organizations. 

Student Research

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences fosters student learning through discovery. Faculty mentor students in the research process through various mechanisms: classes, laboratory experiences, clinical practicums, professional presentations (platform and poster), and writing for publication. Excellence in science and scholarly productivity are fostered in a student-centered learning environment in all majors within the college.Students in the ten departments/schools in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences have many opportunities to be actively involved in scholarship individually, in collaboration with their peers or with a faculty mentor. Visit the CBAS Undergraduate Research Council page for more information about undergraduate research.