Harrison Assessment Partnership

Harrison AsessmentWith a focus to elevate students’ marketability and improve graduate employability, Harrison Assessments was founded in 1990 to help companies align the passions of individuals to specific jobs and help individuals to discover careers that they would love. It is a reliable and valid tool for starting, changing, or developing a career.

The ONE online assessment, which takes less than 30 minutes to complete, measures 175 factors including task preferences, motivations, work environment preferences, interests, and interpersonal preferences. The data collected is used to generate reports that are invaluable to career planning and professional development.

Learning about oneself and discovering one’s fit with a career path is a remarkable benefit to students. Utilizing Harrison Assessment technology within the CBHS Center for Student Coaching and Success allows students to continue their self-awareness journey, better assist with personal change, and prepare students for gainful employment in their chosen career path.


Life Themes and Purpose

Students will uncover their top five life themes – the areas that will naturally drive them. These life themes will provide the student will clarity about their life purpose and the areas they value most. Understanding these life themes will influence their life and career. The Harrison Assessments Traits Analysis provides a stack ranked inventory of the student’s interests, strengths, engagement factors, work preferences, task preferences, environment preferences and competencies, providing insight to pursue a career that aligns with their life purpose. 

Keywords to Describe Who You Are

Students will uncover the keywords that describe who they are. Understanding the characteristics, strengths and traits that describe who you are is a great step toward being able to create and articulate your personal brand.  The Harrison Assessments Summary & Keyword Analysis will enable students to be able to describe themselves and gain personal insights into their attitudes and behaviors. 

Priorities, Values and Strengths

Students will uncover what they are naturally great at – their unique strengths. Becoming self-aware of their highest priorities and values and what they love doing most will enable students to further build on their key strengths. The Harrison Assessments Greatest Strengths Analysis will assist students with their personal branding and prepare them to clearly articulate how their uniqueness will create value for organizations of potential employers.

Emotional Intelligence Strengths and Gaps

Student will uncover how well they recognize, understand and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others. Students will be able to use this blueprint to relate better to other people, form healthier relationships, achieve greater success at work and lead a more fulfilling life. The Harrison Assessments Emotional Intelligence Analysis will enable students to capture a snapshot of their existing levels of emotional intelligence, including knowing oneself, relationship leadership, self-motivation/self-management and social awareness/service orientation.  

What’s Important for Career Success

Students will uncover what they will find most enjoyable, what’s important to them in a career, how they interact with others, their interpersonal skills, what motivates them, how they approach decision-making and their leadership potential. The Harrison Assessments Career Development Analysis Report will enable students to leverage who they are, identify areas for development and seek employment with a likelihood of success. 

The Ideal Career

Students will uncover which careers they would most likely enjoy, those that will provide the greatest job satisfaction and the necessary degrees they should consider for success in their chosen career path. The Harrison Assessments Career Options Analysis stack ranks a student’s enjoyment percentage and suitability to the requirements of more than 650 careers, providing a roadmap to navigate the world of work and self-manage the career building process.