Why Student Coaching & Success?


To help MTSU students become gainfully employed in their chosen career path prior to walking across the stage at graduation. 


Using the Five to Arrive, MTSU students will learn how to compete on unique perspective (how they see what they do), unique education (how they know what they do) and unique experience (how they connect with to what they do) in order to add unique value to the people they choose to serve. 

Why a Center Focused on Student Coaching and Success?

This Center is new to MTSU and has been carefully designed to address the challenging gap between approaching graduation, graduation, and securing gainful employment. The center will ensure the success of students who choose to participate. We help students understand their script, or narrative, and change it through personal assessment paired with personal coaching leading to personal change in order to become gainfully employed.

Outcomes from the Five to Arrive:

  • Personal reflection established through the application process.
  • Personal knowledge acquisition through the Self-Directed, Self-Selected Model (SDSS).
  • Personal assessment by taking the Harrison Assessments.
  • Personal coaching through a narrative based approach.
  • Personal change through commitment to action.

A Path and a Plan

The job of a coach is to teach and demand. The job of a player is to prepare and perform.        -Mike McCarthy

At the CBHS Center for Student Coaching and Success on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, we apply the philosophy of NFL coach Mike McCarthy to meet the vision we've had since the beginning: To help MTSU students become gainfully employed in their chosen career path prior to walking across the stage at graduation. 

Our approach starts with a path and a plan. The Center's programming, the 5 to Arrive, combines personal reflectionpersonal knowledge acquisitionpersonal assessmentpersonal coaching, and personal change.

Once students complete a behavior-based Harrison Assessment, they set a time to meet with a coach. In those coaching sessions, information from the students' Harrison Assessment are combined with Narrative Based Coaching Templates to lead students through a process which will uncover realizations they had and results they want to create.

The coach is there to demand that action steps are followed and help students uncover what consequences and opportunities could be lost or created based on the action steps they have identified. It is up to the student to prepare and perform based on the activities they chose to carry out. Our coaches demand and teach. Our students prepare and perform. Together we build a path and plan.