Project Manager

Company Name Music City Roofers
Location Nashville, TN
Date Posted Aug 09, 2018
Category Full Time
Job Type Entry-Level



Project Manager Job Description

The Project Manager is responsible for the entire production process of the
company. The Project Manager coordinates and delegates all activities related to the
actual repairing or construction of jobs. The Project Manager is an essential, “right arm”
of the company and must carry him/herself with authority on the job and must be
responsible for completing each job on time, on budget and with a high level of quality.
The Project Manager will represent the company for all production related items.
Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

• Minimum of two (2) years, full- time experience in managing residential or
commercial construction projects
• Professional degree, preferably in Construction Management or equivalent
● Hands-on experience in residential roofing repair and replacement tradesperson.
• Proficient with MS OFFICE software and ability to learn company CRM tools
• Excellent communication skills being able to make forward thinking decisions on
the fly to ensure job fulfillment.
• For first 30 days must call owner or GM at 7am daily to outline the day ahead
• Must be quick responder to texts, calls and emails to ensure deliverables
• Working knowledge of residential construction methods, techniques and
● Systems, and building codes

Management of Jobs
• Ongoing supervision of subcontractors.
• Responsible for a complete understanding of the job from available verbal
and written information including: blueprints, specifications and bids
• Insures that each job site is visited daily by a company representative to
monitor job progress, quality, safety, cleanliness and site security
o Take photos of the job prior to work/ordering of materials
o Verify measurements/ take-offs on job site prior to work starting
o Take photos during the roof take off – especially if decking needs to be
o Take photos after completion
o Verify delivered materials and compare with ordered materials
o Verify colors match the home owners selection
o Hand out logo safety vest to crew, collect them at end of each job
o Create a job checklist, check during job
o Place oil guard (cardboard) under crew truck parked in drive
o Have crew leader sign OSHA toolbox talk sheet
o Discuss with crew leader designated break area
o Cover HVAC exterior unit(s)
o Take photos of area of house where shingles will be dropped to the trailer
o Take photos of broken and/or missing items BEFORE work begins
o Take photos of any previous leak areas inside house
o Make sure all ladders for crew has standoffs
o Responsible for change orders: scope, cost, documentation and customer
o Verify all material is installed Per code(country dependent)
o Run magnetic pick up behind crew to insure all nails are removed from
o Save all receipts (purchase and returns) . Document job # on all receipts.
All receipts must be turned into the office bookkeeper daily.
• Maintains job log & complete scope of work for each active job
• Responsible for punch list and job completion

• Ensures compliance with all company rules, policies and agreements
• Supervises field staff and subcontractors
• Evaluates quality at each production step
• Document company procedures and train subcontractors

Work Hours and Schedule
• We work with customers from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays.
• The position is anticipated to be a minimum 40 hour per week commitment.
• Periodically the job will require additional time.

● PM has allowance and use of MCR truck and weekly gas if meets the criteria
having a good safe responsible driving record and is insured by MCR.
● PM is responsible to be at the jobsite day of install to shake clients hand, validate
materials shipped as true, and be involved with some portion of tear off. Spend
some quality time with the client if there. Be at the site a minimum of 30 min prior
to work starting to get the crews going.
● PM is responsible to walk the job when complete and magnet sweep the grounds
making certain no nails or materials are left behind. (Understand our $.05 cent
“NO nail left behind guarantee”)
● PM is responsible to return any unused left over materials to vendors for credit.
● PM is responsible to drop off credit slips and or receipts to bookkeeper for credit
to go into each file.

Three Month Performance Objectives
After a positive review 90 days in the position aforementioned, the employee is subject
to a review. If criteria is met with positive results, and the company’s sales growth
allows the employee will be subject to a compensation raise broken down below:
● 3 Month Evaluation
● 6 Month Evaluation

If you have interest in moving to a new level in this industry please email James Richfield at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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