Our Mission

The Center for Energy Efficiency  (CEE) was established in 1999 at Middle Tennessee State University with a mission to develop, implement and advance sound energy management practices for the university and the community. The focus of the CEE is demonstrated in its projects and initiatives implemented on the campus and across other sectors of the community as well as its direct support of education in the classroom.

  • Campus
    The CEE has maintained a steadfast commitment to improving both the energy performance and the overall physical condition of the facilities on the campus of MTSU. A comprehensive retrofit program has been implemented for existing buildings that considers energy efficiency/management, operational, and maintenance opportunities. This program is coordinated closely with capital maintenance projects and routine maintenance and operations (M&O) activities. In addition, energy standards have been implemented for new buildings as part of the design requirements. The CEE has also gotten involved in other non-facility areas on campus such as recycling and transportation.

  • Community
    The CEE partners contracts and partners with other organizations to provide energy management expertise and services. Other partners and clients include various State agencies, private companies, and national organizations.

  • Classroom
    Finally, the CEE works closely with the Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies Department to coordinate and provide teaching resources for classroom instruction, scholarships, and student work opportunities for students.

Services Provided

  • Project and Initiative Highlights 
    • Utility procurement services to MTSU
    • Capital Project support
    • Energy projects development and implementation, including lighting, distributed generation, HVAC and controls, and Central Plant operational reviews for MTSU
    •  Sustainable Campus Fee Program Support
    • Procurment of $10 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for MTSU
    • Procured $68 million ESPC for Tennessee Board of Regents institutions across state
  • Participation with Tennessee Valley Authority and Murfreesboro Electric Company on Generation Partners program
  • Facilities Services Department support
  • Manages the MTSU Recycling Program
  • Maintains a home page with links to interesting energy information 


  • Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee Valley Authority Partnership
  • The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA)
  • Association of Energy Engineers - Middle Tennessee Chapter
    • Middle Tennessee Energy Award, Co-sponsor
  • EPA Green Power Partnership
  • Rebuild America

The CEE Staff

The organization blends facilities and academic personnel to address the physical plant needs and opportunities on campus while considering the opportunities to integrate the projects and initiatives into the classroom. 

  • Joe Whitefield, Director – staffed on a full-time basis by a professional engineer and certified energy manager from within the Facilities Services Department
  • Linda Hardymon, Assistant Manager – staffed on a full-time basis by a certified energy manager from within the Facilities Services DepartmentVarious part-time student workers

Any questions, comments, or suggestions, contact us at cee@mtsu.edu