Applications for Spring 2011

SCF Apps - Spring 2011
  Name of Project Responsible Person Department Funding Request Comments
1 Creating Beauty Oxygen, and Saving Energy with Trees Charles White (SEA) Students for Environmental Action $200  
2 Community Fun with Solar William Harper Student $1,000  
3 Coil Cleaning Energy Efficiency - Wiser Patten Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $1,500  
4 Steam Trap Ultrasonic Test Equipment Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $2,600  
5 Laser Alignment Devices Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $5,681  
6 Kangen Water Station for Human Health and Environmental Sustainability Charles White (SEA) SEA $6,500  
7 Recycling Bins for College of Ed, Student Union, and General Campus Linda Hardymon Recycling Program $7,000  
8 Synthetic Media Pocket Filter - James Union Building (Phase 2 of 2) Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $9,250  
9 Synthetic Media Pocket Filter - James Union Building (Phase 1 of 2) Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $10,000  
10 Blast Hand-Dryers Replacement for Paper Towels Ray Wiley Rec Center $11,270  
11 Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station Dr Cliff Ricketts ABAS $14,500  
12 Closed Loop Air and Sediment - Todd Building Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $15,450  
13 James Walker Library LED Lamps Heather Cavitt Construction/Renovation $18,608  
14 John Bragg Mass Communication LED Lamps James Chancy Building Services $19,833  
15 Synthetic Media Pocket Filter - Walker Library Leslie Mayberry Energy Services $24,394  
16 Business/Aerospace LED Lamps Terri Carlton Construction/Renovation $36,313  
17 Universal Plug-In Conversions (UPIC) Charles Perry Engineering Tech $50,000  
18 Hydrogen Storage Infrastructure for Cross Country Travel on Sun and Water Dr Cliff Ricketts ABAS $62,000  
19 Purchase Hybrid Vehicle Brian Walsh Admissions $24,000