Applications for Spring 2014

Sustainable Campus Fee Project Applications - Spring 2014
  Name of Project Responsible Person Funding Request
1 Increasing Recycling Behavior through the Application of Behavioral Science Principles John Pennington/ Tom Brinthaupt $1,300
2 Campus Recreation Water Bottle Filling Stations Micah Reiss $3,400
3 Pilot Program for MTSU Recycling at Special Events Linda Hardymon $3,500
4 Synthetic Media Pocket Filter (Boutwell Dramatic Arts) Les Mayberry $4,801
5 Camfil Farr Pleated Filters Les Mayberry $4,999
6 Differential Pressure Gauges (Davis Science,Business Aerospace Building, and Keathley University Center) Les Mayberry $5,000
7 AMX Resource Management Suite System Upgrade Tom Wallace $7,500
8 M2G- Boiler Sequencing Controller (Sam Ingram Building) Les Mayberry $7,698
9 Replace Older Motor with Energy Efficient Motor (Murphy Center Phase 1 of 2) Les Mayberry $8,834
10 Replace Older Motor with Energy Efficient Motor (Murphy Center Phase 2 of 2) Les Mayberry $8,037
11 Purchase and Prepare Containers for the New Science Building Linda Hardymon $9,500
12 Insulate Pipes (Mass Communication, and Peck Hall Buildings) Les Mayberry $10,900
13 Replacing Traditional Nitrogen Gas Cylinders and Liquid Nitrogen Tanks with Sustainable Nitrogen Generation Methods to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Beng Guat Ooi $11,099
14 Server Consolidation/Virtualization (ITD) Tom Wallace $12,500
15 Test and Balance Hot Water System (Keathley University Center) Les Mayberry $12,716
16 Brine Control System (Central Utility Plant) Les Mayberry $15,000
17 Coil Cleaning Energy Efficiency Les Mayberry $15,100
18 Closed Loop Air and Sediment (Kirksey Old Main) Les Mayberry $15,450
19 Advancing MTSU's Progression Towards Becoming a Bicycle Friendly University Josh Stone/ Rose Carter $19,295
20 Server Consolidation/Visualization (Health Services) Rick Chapman $20,000
21 Install Siemens Control System (Gracy) Les Mayberry $35,530
22 Install Siemens Control System (Judd) Les Mayberry $35,530
  Total   $267,689