Center for Educational Media

The Center for Educational Media is a program of the College of Education at MTSU, serving the broad community of PK-12 educators including:

  • MTSU College of Education Faculty, Staff and Students
  • MTSU Colleges, Departments, Offices and Programs
  • PK-12 Teachers, Administrators, Leaders and School Counselors in Tennessee
  • The Tennessee Department of Education, Through Partnerships and Grants

CEM supports educator training in the College of Education by offering expertise and services - in AVS Video Production, AVS Media Engineering-Equipment Checkout and professional learning opportunities in the CEM Professional Development Center including the PK-12 Collaborative. CEM's high quality production and range of services are unique in Tennessee's Educator Preparation Programs. Offering full conference coordination services for virtual and onsite events, including state of the art HD video production, CEM takes educator training and professional development to another level. No other university in Tennessee offers this level of support to educator training. Our educational outreach includes local, state, national and global communities of educators via distribution through the web, satellite and cable TV.


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Register for ELL Collaborative 2022 Summer Academy - 7/7/2022

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Register for School Counselor Collaborative 2022 Summer Academy - 7/14/2022

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Register for SPED Collaborative 2022 Summer Academy - 7/21/2022

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