An Affordable Education

An important consideration in selecting a college is cost.  MTSU is, very simply, the best higher education bargain in the state.  The combination of high quality programs, student resources, and low cost are unmatched in Tennessee.  This year, the Tennessee Promise will influence a lot of post-secondary education decisions.  In making your decision about where to study next year, I encourage you to look carefully at out-of-pocket expenses.  Evaluate the cost of coming to MTSU and the financial aid available to MTSU students.  Don’t forget to take into account MTSU’s Graduate in Four and Get More program.  I alsoDr. Jing Kong encourage you to do your own research on student outcomes.  Before deciding to attend any institution, find out how well their students reach the goals that you have in mind.  How many end up staying in school more than one year?  More than two?  What fraction earns a bachelor’s degree in four years?  In five?  In six?  Are their students regularly selected for competitive positions in high-tech industry and in the best post-graduate schools?  We think you'll find MTSU Chemistry provides a high quality, affordable education that prepares you for life after college.