A Community of Chemists, A National Network of Opportunity

Chemistry Community 
The department promotes student success through extracurricular activities.  Through the MTSU Chem Club, our students get introduced to the national community of chemists. A student affiliate organization of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the MTSU Chem Club has been recognized by the ACS as one of the top student chemistry organizations in the United States.  The Chem Club conducts numerous outreach events, invites prominent chemists to present seminars on campus each semester, and hosts social events to help our majors stay connected.  Another way we promote student success is through our Science Employment Workshop and Career Fair.  The workshop brings to campus leading industry professionals to teach resume preparation, interviewing skills, and job hunting strategies.  The Career Fair attracts an array of regional science companies who collect resumes and advertise employment openings.

One such company is Aegis Sciences Corporation, a Nashville company that is one of the leading forensic and drug testing firms in the nation.  Aegis does analytical testing for athletic doping, for forensic analysis in criminal investigations, for employee drug testing, and for health monitoring.  They have contracts with major professional sports organizations as well as over 150 universities.  The Recruitment & University Relations Manager as well as the Technical Training Manager (a 2007 MTSU Chemistry Alumna) at Aegis recently indicated that this year alone they have hired more than 200 new associates, and their largest source of employees is—you guessed it—MTSU.  The enthusiasm for hiring MTSU graduates at a thriving high-tech company like Aegis is a strong, positive indicator of our program’s strength.  It demonstrates that MTSU students enjoy a competitive advantage that will pay dividends long after graduation.