A Career Focused Degree Path

GraduationMTSU Chemistry offers several degree programs that can prepare you for competitive careers, pre-professional schools, and graduate programs.  Our B.S. in Chemistry is certified by the American Chemical Society, and we also offer a popular B.S. in Biochemistry which is accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.  Both of these degrees provide an excellent foundation for employment in the chemical industry or for pursuing graduate work in a Masters or Ph.D. program.  Moreover, both of these degree paths serve as excellent preparation for professional schools (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, P.T.).  We also offer an Accelerated Bachelor-to-Master program that allows students to obtain a Bachelors and Masters degree in only five years.  Students may enroll in this program after finishing their second year of study if they meet certain eligibility requirements (GPA and successful completion of certain courses).  The Department of Chemistry is also involved in the Forensic Science B.S. interdisciplinary program, that prepares students for the growing field of forensic science and criminal justice.

 Dr. Iriarte-GrossWhat makes the learning environment in the Chemistry Department at MTSU so special?  First and foremost is our people.  We have a large and diverse group of students, with 391 Chemistry and Biochemistry majors.  Over the past two years, our majors have included winners of major national and international awards like the Fulbright Fellowship, the Goldwater Scholarship, and the DAAD RISE Fellowship.  From year to year, we are consistently one of the leading institutions for Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees conferred in the state of Tennessee.  We also have a distinguished faculty, renowned both for teaching and for research excellence.  The small ratio of chem/biochem majors to faculty (11:1) means that all our students can get involved in faculty-led research projects and/or instructional internships.  These experiences are key elements of a complete science education.  You will not find another chemistry department in the state that involves more chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates in such high quality research projects.

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