An Active Research Program Focused on Undergraduates

MTSU Chemistry involves more chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates in cutting edge research than any other chemistry department in the state of Tennessee.  In the field of chemistry, employers, graduate programs, and pre-professional schools all look for college graduates with research experience.  This is because research equips students with technical expertise, critical thinking skills, and problem solving abilities that are unique to the research learning environment.  Chemistry undergrads at MTSU are involved in a wide range of research, including drug discovery, nanotechnology, synthesis and testing of new materials, computational chemical modeling, environmental studies, and chemistry education outreach.

Explore the videos below to learn more about the research going on in the Department of Chemistry at MTSU.

Dr. Paul Kline, Professor of Biochemistry, discusses studying how enzymes work to guide inhibitor development.

Dr. Scott Handy, Professor of Organic Chemistry, discusses the synthesis of new classes of drug molecules.

Dr. Charles Chusuei, Associate Professor of Chemistry, discusses the development of electrochemical sensors to detect various molecules.

Dr. Keying Ding, Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, discusses the development of new catalysts to expand the growing field of organic synthesis.

Dr. Kevin Bicker, Associate Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry, discusses development of high-throughput screening methods to identify new drug molecules.