A State-of-the-Art New Science Building

New Science Building

We have just moved into a new, 256,000-square-foot, $147 million Science Building that is the finest teaching and research facility in the state.  The building included over $3 million of new, state-of-the-art instructional and research equipment, all of which is used by undergraduates.  To learn more about our new building, please click here.  For an up-close and personal tour of the facility, make plans to attend one of our Preview Days on March 19 or June 4.  If you would like to visit at a different time, let us know you’re coming (email chem@mtsu.edu), we will gladly arrange a tour of the building and answer any questions you may have about our programs. 

Take a tour of the New Science Building with Dr. Greg Van Patten, Chair of MTSU Chemistry.

New Science Building AtriumAn open air atrium ties the building together and provides space for students to gather and study.

New Science Building Classroom_Dr. Pearson
High-tech classrooms combined with quality educators provide MTSU Chemistry students a top notch education.

New Science Building Research Space
Cutting edge educational and research laboratories train students in modern techniques.

Explore more information and images of the New Science Building here.