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Dr. Van PattenWelcome to MTSU Chemistry! I know this is an exciting time, and I am sure you are weighing many options for your future. I want to make sure you have all the information you need about MTSU to help you make the right decision for you. At MTSU, we work hard to make sure our students find great opportunities in life, and we pride ourselves on our students’ success.

As you consider your options for pursuing your undergraduate degree, I’d like to tell you a few things about the Chemistry Department at MTSU that have made it the #1 producer of Chemistry and Biochemistry Bachelors Degrees in the state of Tennessee.

Explore the information below to see how MTSU Chemistry can prepare you for a career in a wide range of fields.

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P. Gregory Van Patten
Professor and Chair

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What Does MTSU Chemistry Offer For You?

A State-of-the-Art New Science Building

We have recently moved into a new, 256,000-square-foot, $147 million Science Building that is the finest teaching and research facility in the state. The building included over $3 million of new, state-of-the-art instructional and research equipment, all of which is used by undergraduates. For an up-close and personal tour of the facility, make plans to attend one of our Preview Days. If you would like to visit at a different time, let us know you’re coming (email or schedule a campus tour, we will gladly show you around the building and answer any questions you may have about our programs.

New Science Building

Take a tour of the New Science Building with Dr. Greg Van Patten, Chair of MTSU Chemistry.

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Career Focused Degrees

MTSU Chemistry offers several degree programs that can prepare you for competitive careers, pre-professional schools, and graduate programs. Our B.S. in Chemistry is certified by the American Chemical Society, and we also offer a popular B.S. in Biochemistry which is accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Both of these degrees provide an excellent foundation for employment in the chemical industry or for pursuing graduate work in a Masters or Ph.D. program. Moreover, both of these degree paths serve as excellent preparation for professional schools (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, P.T.). We also offer an Accelerated Bachelor-to-Master program that allows students to obtain a Bachelors and Masters degree in only five years. Students may enroll in this program after finishing their second year of study if they meet certain eligibility requirements (GPA and successful completion of certain courses). The Department of Chemistry is also involved in the Forensic Science B.S. interdisciplinary program, that prepares students for the growing field of forensic science and criminal justice.

GraduationDr. Iriarte-Gross

What makes the learning environment in the Chemistry Department at MTSU so special? First and foremost is our people. We have a large and diverse group of students, with 391 Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. Over the past two years, our majors have included winners of major national and international awards like the Fulbright Fellowship, the Goldwater Scholarship, and the DAAD RISE Fellowship. From year to year, we are consistently one of the leading institutions for Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees conferred in the state of Tennessee. We also have a distinguished faculty, renowned both for teaching and for research excellence. The small ratio of chem/biochem majors to faculty (11:1) means that all our students can get involved in faculty-led research projects and/or instructional internships. These experiences are key elements of a complete science education. You will not find another chemistry department in the state that involves more chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates in such high quality research projects.

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Chemistry B.S. Biochemistry B.S. Forensic Science B.S.Pre-Medical Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Dental Pre-Physical Therapy

An Active Research Program Focused on Undergraduates

MTSU Chemistry involves more chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates in cutting edge research than any other chemistry department in the state of Tennessee. In the field of chemistry, employers, graduate programs, and pre-professional schools all look for college graduates with research experience. This is because research equips students with technical expertise, critical thinking skills, and problem solving abilities that are unique to the research learning environment. Chemistry undergrads at MTSU are involved in a wide range of research, including drug discovery, nanotechnology, synthesis and testing of new materials, computational chemical modeling, environmental studies, and chemistry education outreach.

Explore the videos below to learn more about the research going on in the Department of Chemistry at MTSU.

A Community of Chemists, A National Network of Opportunity

Chemistry Community The department promotes student success through extracurricular activities. Through the MTSU Chem Club, our students get introduced to the national community of chemists. A student affiliate organization of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the MTSU Chem Club has been recognized by the ACS as one of the top student chemistry organizations in the United States. The Chem Club conducts numerous outreach events, invites prominent chemists to present seminars on campus each semester, and hosts social events to help our majors stay connected. Another way we promote student success is through our Science Employment Workshop and Career Fair. The workshop brings to campus leading industry professionals to teach resume preparation, interviewing skills, and job hunting strategies. The Career Fair attracts an array of regional science companies who collect resumes and advertise employment openings.

One such company is Aegis Sciences Corporation, a Nashville company that is one of the leading forensic and drug testing firms in the nation. Aegis does analytical testing for athletic doping, for forensic analysis in criminal investigations, for employee drug testing, and for health monitoring. They have contracts with major professional sports organizations as well as over 150 universities. The Recruitment & University Relations Manager as well as the Technical Training Manager (a 2007 MTSU Chemistry Alumna) at Aegis recently indicated that this year alone they have hired more than 200 new associates, and their largest source of employees is—you guessed it—MTSU. The enthusiasm for hiring MTSU graduates at a thriving high-tech company like Aegis is a strong, positive indicator of our program’s strength. It demonstrates that MTSU students enjoy a competitive advantage that will pay dividends long after graduation.

An Affordable Education

Dr. Jing KongAn important consideration in selecting a college is cost. MTSU is, very simply, the best higher education bargain in the state. The combination of high quality programs, student resources, and low cost are unmatched in Tennessee. This year, the Tennessee Promise will influence a lot of post-secondary education decisions. In making your decision about where to study next year, I encourage you to look carefully at out-of-pocket expenses. Evaluate the cost of coming to MTSU and the financial aid available to MTSU students. Don’t forget to take into account MTSU’s Graduate in Four and Get More program. I also encourage you to do your own research on student outcomes. Before deciding to attend any institution, find out how well their students reach the goals that you have in mind. How many end up staying in school more than one year? More than two? What fraction earns a bachelor’s degree in four years? In five? In six? Are their students regularly selected for competitive positions in high-tech industry and in the best post-graduate schools? We think you'll find MTSU Chemistry provides a high quality, affordable education that prepares you for life after college.