Chemistry and Physical Science Tutoring Centers

Walker Library - Fall 2018

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
11am - 12pm Kerns


Mohammed   Mohammed XXXXX 
12pm - 1pm Kerns   Mohammed    Kerns/Mohammed   XXXXX
1pm - 2pm Oguoma Attig/Ali  Mohammed  Attig Kerns/Oguoma  
2pm - 3pm


    Ali Kerns/Oguoma  
3pm - 4pm  Attig/Barnett   Bailey Ali XXXXX  
4pm - 5pm Attig/Barnett    Attig/Bailey Ali  XXXXX  Walsh
5pm - 6pm  Halper Halper  Halper/Attig   XXXXX  Walsh 
6pm - 7pm Halper/Bailey  Halper/Bailey  Halper   Bailey  XXXXX Walsh 
7pm - 8pm Huszainey   Huszainey Huszainey  Bailey/Huszainey  XXXXX  Huszainey 


SCI 3145 - Tutoring services are no longer provided within the department.