Past seminars

tITLE OF PRESENTATION                                                                                                                                  
Aug 8, 2017 Mr. Kiin Keith (MS thesis defense)
"Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from
Hydraulic Fracturing Facilities in Karnes County, Texas
and Quantitative Determation of VOCs in Shelby County,
Jul 24, 2017 Mr. Francis Okejiri (MS thesis defense)

"Utilization of Shell-based Calcium Oxide as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Biodiesel Synthesis"

Jul 17, 2017 Ms. Lendsey Breanna Thicklin (MS thesis defense)
"Adenosine Deaminating/Hydrolyzing Enzyme from Alaska Pea Seeds (Pisum Sativum)"
Jun 30, 2017 Mr. Jeremy Turkett (MS thesis defense)
"Design and Screening of Antimicrobial Peptoid
Apr 21, 2017 Dr. Fu-Ming Tao, California State Univ, Fullerton, CA
"Applications of Quantum Chemistry to Environmental Chemistry: Critical Roles of Ammonia in Production of Atmospheric Smog and Aerosols" (host: Dr. Jing Kong)
Apr 12, 2017 Ms. Awatif Alruwaili (MS thesis defense)
"Additional Characterization of Adenosine Nucleosidase from Alaska Pea Seeds"
Apr 7, 2017
Dr. David B. Friedman, MTSU Chemistry Dept
"Assessing Signal vs. Noise in Quantitative Proteomics"
Mar 24, 2017 Dr. Aaron Muth, St. John's Univ, Rochester, NY 

"From Drug Design to Discovery: A Journey in
Medicinal Chemistry"
 (host: Dr. Scott Handy)

Mar 20, 2017 Mr. Alex Morris (MS thesis defense)
"Incorporation of Ag+ into PbS Quantum Dots via
Cation Exchange"
Mar 17, 2017 Ms. Chelsea Harmon (MS thesis defense)
"Synthesis of Beta-Lactam Belactosin A Analogs as Potential 20S Proteasome Inhibitors"
Feb 24, 2017 Dr. Jing Kong, MTSU Chemistry Dept
"How Diradicals and Transition Metal Materials Break
Molecular Orbital Theory, and How It Can be Fixed"
Feb 23, 2017 Dr. Saravana Jayaram, National Laboratory of Malaysia
"The Clandestine Synthesis of Methamphetamine
and Profiling using Three Analytical Techniques"
Feb 14, 2017 Dr. Mengliang Zhang, National Institutes of Health
"The Applications of Instrumental Analysis and Chemometrics to Environmental Forensics and Food Fraud"
Feb 3,
Dr. Theodore J. Burkey, University of Memphis
"The First 500 ps are Important: Optically Controlled Molecular Devices"
Jan 30, 2017 Ms. Rehab Alanazi (MS thesis defense)
"Analytical Characterization of Dyes in Color
Powders by Spectroscopic and Chromatographic
Nov 11, 2016 Ms. Latifah Althlol (MS thesis defense)
"Synthesis of a novel tripodal ligand with NH
linker for ligand cooperative catalysis"
Nov 9, 2016 Ms. Fiezah Alahmry (MS thesis defense)
"In-depth characterization of the purification of adenosine
nucleosidase from Alaska pea seeds"
Nov 4, 2016 Dr. Jie Zheng (University of Texas-Dallas)
Molecular Nanoprobes for Biomedical Imaging"
Oct 21, 2016 Dr. David M. Hercules (Vanderbilt University)
"Can Analytical Mass Spectrometry Revolutionize
Polymer Chemistry?"
Sep 30, 2016 Dr. Dana A. Baum (St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO)
"Developing Functional DNA Components for Sensors
and Biofuel
Sep 16, 2016 Dr. Daniel Slade (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University, Blacksburg, VA)

"Characterizing the role of bacterial outer membrane
and secreted proteins in cellular invasion, inflammation,
and cancer"
Sep 9, 2016 Dr. Chengshan Wang (MTSU Chemistry Dept)
"Elucidation of Peptide Conformation via 13C Isotope-Edited
FTIR Spectroscopy: Opportunities for Collaborative Faculty
Research and Student Achievements
" (Tenure Tour)
July 15, 2016 Ms. Naeyma Islam (MS thesis defense)
"Structure of Boranes Based on the Topology over Molecular
Electron Density"
July 14, 2016 Ms. Shafiqa Alshaiban (MS thesis defense)
"Study of Nucleoside Degrading Enzyme Activities in Bean,
Organic Bean, Okra, Organic Okra, Squash
and Organic
July 13, 2016 Mr. Brett Henry (MS thesis defense)
"Bovine Liver Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase:
Characterization and Kinetic Mechanism"
Jun 28, 2016  Ms. Anita Saha (MS thesis defense)
"Degradation of Pentobarbital in Various Soil Types"
Jun 21, 2016 Ms. Sushma Appala (MS thesis defense)
"Degradation of Environmental Contaminants in Gas and
Liquid Phases by Chlorine Dioxide" 
Jun 14, 2016 Mr. Matthew Wright (MOBI PhD defense)
"Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Compounds 
from Plant Based Traditional Chinese Medicine"
Jun 7, 2016
Ms. Anuradha Liyana Pathiranage (MOBI PhD defense)
"Isolation and Analysis of Compounds with Anti-Trypanasomal
and Anti-Cancer Activity"
May 25, 2016 Mr. J. Dale Combs (MS thesis defense)
"Study of a Model α-Helix Peptide's Surface Properties by 
Langmuir Monolayer and Surface FTIR Techniques"
Apr 14, 2016 Dr. Thomas A. Zawodzinski (University of Tennessee - Knoxville)
“‘Greening’ Chemical Processes Using Renewable Electrons in
Electrochemical Reactors Derived from Fuel Cells”
Apr 8, 2016 Dr. Greg Van Patten (MTSU Chem Dept)
"Heterostructure Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Characterization and
Wavefunction Engineering"
Apr 5, 2016  Ms. Nouf Ali Bedar (MS thesis defense)
"Base Catalyzed Hydrosilylation of Aldehydes with PMHS as a
Reducing Agent"
Apr 4, 2016 Dr. H. Graden Kirksey
Chemistry Department, Univ of Memphis
"An Incipient Periodic Table" (Host: Van Patten)
Apr 4, 2016 Ms. Sharifah Ibrahim Aleid (MS thesis defense)
"A Convenient Method for Converting Ketones into Alcohols through
Hydroxilyation Catalyzed by KHBEt
Mar 25, 2016 Dr. Edwin Stevens (Western Kentucky University, Bowling
Green, KY)
"High resolution X-ray Diffraction Measurements: Can We Really
See Electrons?
(Host: Koritzsansky)
Mar 25, 2016 Ms. Shruthi Perna (MS thesis defense)
"Comparison of Emissions of Various Biodiesel Formulations
by GC-MS and FTIR"
Mar 18, 2016 Dr. Jeremiah Woodcock
(National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD)
"Multifunctional Fluorescent Sensors for Imaging the Interface/Interphase
in Polymer Composites"
Mar 4, 2016 Dr. Jessica Morrison (Chemical and Engineering News, Washington, DC)
"Science In The News: Behind the Scenes at C&EN with Jessica Morrison"
(Host: Iriarte-Gross)
Feb 19, 2016 Dr. Feng Wang (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR)
"From Water to Salt Solutions, Electronic Structure Free
from Adaptive Force Matching"     
Feb 12, 2016 Dr. Martin Stewart (MTSU Chem Dept)
"Archibald Belcher: First Chemistry/Physics Professor at MTSU.
Part III. His Early Teaching Career"
Feb 5, 2016  Mr. Raja Pandey (MS thesis defense)
"Electrochemical Detection of Acetominophen Using Tapered
Silicon Nanowires"
Nov 19, 2015 Ms. Lencie Plancher (MS thesis defense)
"Kinetic Mechanism Study of the Enzyme Nucleoside Hydrolase
from E. Coli"
Nov 18, 2015 Mr. Hussain Alshahrani (MS thesis defense)
"Detection of Dopamine and Hydrogen Peroxide using Silicon
Nov 13, 2015 Dr. Ronald Rahaim (Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK)
"Development of Organometallic Methods for Applications
in Drug Discovery"
Nov 9, 2015 Mr. Rajeh Theeb Alotaibi (MS thesis defense)
"Ni-Catalyzed Decarbonylation of Aldehydes"
Nov 2, 2015 Mr. R. Madison Green (MS thesis defense)
"Methods for Isolation of the Topo II Gene from Gossypium hirsutum"
Oct 30, 2015 Dr. Angela Wilson (University of North Texas in Denton, TX)
College of Basic and Applied Sciences Distinguished Lecture Series
"Action and Reaction: Pathways to Progress"
Oct 29, 2015 Ms. Hanan Almuzaini (MS thesis defense)
"Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) as Catalyst and Solvent for 
Knoevenagel Condensation Reactions"
Oct 28, 2015 Ms. Kavya Kazipeta (MS thesis defense)
"Comparative Studies of Electronic Cigarette Emissions"
Oct 26, 2015 Mr. Sultan Almadhhi (MS thesis defense)
"Determining the Most Effective Peptoid Submonomer Mimic of 
Oct 23, 2015 Dr. Richard Caprioli (Vanderbilt University)
"Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Microscopy for Biology 
and Medicine"
Oct 16, 2015 Ms. Eman Sharba (MS thesis defense)
"Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Meta-substituted Anilines"
Oct 15, 2015 Dr. Joseph J. Biernacki (Tennessee Tech University)
“Bio-mass Pyrolysis: A Cog in the Changing Energy and
Chemical Company”
Oct 14, 2015 Mr. Kevin Fisher (MS thesis defense)
"Assay Development for the Screening of Antimicrobial Peptoids"
Oct 02, 2015 Mr. Shawtik Das (MS thesis defense)
“Electrochemical Detection of Uric Acid Using a Refluxed Zinc
Oxide Carbon Nanotube Composite”
Sep 18, 2015 Dr. Mohammad Al-Masum (Tennessee State University)
“New developments in microwave irradiated organic
transformations of aroylation, nitration, and C-H activation
Aug 04, 2015 Mr. Ameen Alsubhi (MS thesis defense)
"One-pot Multicomponent Coupling Synthesis of 2-Amino-3-Cyano-
4H-Pyran Derivatives Using Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES)”
Jul 10, 2015 Ms. Maryam Aldoghaim (MS thesis defense)
"The Effects of Substituent Groups on the Surface Enhanced Raman
Spectroscopy Signals of Aniline Derivatives"
Jul 10, 2015 Ms. Ebtsam Seteh (MS thesis defense)
“Air Quality Monitoring in Memphis and Surrounding Areas in 2014
Analyzed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)"
Jun 17, 2015 Mr. Mulugeta B. Wayu (MOBI PhD defense)
“Developing an Amperometric Method for Selective Detection of
Hydrogen Peroxide
May 28, 2015 Mr. Badri Mainali (MS thesis defense)
“Cation Exchange in PbS Quantum Dots: Kinetics of Cd Exchange
and Effects on Electronic Properties"
May 27, 2015 Mr. Abdullah Shamsuddin (MS thesis defense)
“Characterization of Adenosine nucleosidase from Alaska Pea Seeds"
Apr 17, 2015 Dr. Michelle Oakes, US Environmental Protection Agency
National Center for Environmental Assessment  
(Research Triangle, NC)
“Air Quality and Human Exposure Near Sources”
Apr 16, 2015 Ms. Tasha Frick (MS thesis defense)
“Chemistry Teachers' Journey Through Modeling Instruction”
Apr 10, 2015 Dr. Bob Read, Tennessee Department of Health
“Environmental Laboratory Challenges”
Dr. Christopher Jones, Georgia Institute of Technology

"CO2 Capture with Supported Amine Materials: Materials
Process Chemistry Advances for Greenhouse Gas
Feb 27, 2015 Dr. Dennis Salahub, University of Calgary
Distinguished CBAS Lecture Series “Multiscale Modeling
of in-situ Oil Sands Upgrading
Molybdenum Carbide Nanoparticles”
Feb 6, 2015 Dr. Jesse D. Carrick, Tennessee Tech University
“Experiential Investigations in Organic Synthesis”
Nov 21, 2014 Dr. Vlad Iluc (University of Notre Dame)
“Secondary Metal-Ligand Interactions: C-H Activation and Metal-

Element Multiple Bonding”
Oct 30, 2014 Ms. Elsbeth Griffiths (MS thesis defense)
 "Creation of an Energetic, Polymeric 1,2,3-Triazole from Aryl Azides
Oct 24, 2014 Dr. William Tolman (University of Minnesota)
“Plastic from Plants: The Chemistry of Sustainable Polymers”
Oct 20, 2014 Dr. Harry Kroto (Florida State University)  (Nobel Laureate)
“Carbon in Nano and Outer Space”
Oct 10, 2014 Dr. De-en Jiang (University of California at Riverside)
“What Can Molecular Simulation Do for Global Warming?”
Oct 8, 2014 Ms. Olaa Alharbi (MS thesis defense)
“Determination of the Relationship Between the Geometric Structure
of a Model Peptide and its 13C Isotope-Edited Spectroscopy in H2O
by ATR”
Oct 3, 2014 Dr. Charles Chusuei (MTSU Chem Dept - Tenure Tour)
Part I: "Cytotoxicity in the Age of Nano: the Role of Fourth Period
Transition Metal Oxide Physicochemical Properties "
Part II: "Designing Electrocatalyst Composites for Chemical 
Oct 1, 2014 Dr. Donna Nelson (University of Oklahoma)
“Improving Organic Chemistry Education by Comparing 
Sep 26, 2014 Dr. Peter Pulay (University of Arkansas)
“The Calculation of Intermolecular Interaction Energies”
Aug 4, 2014 Mr. Sergiy Ustynov (MS thesis defense)
“Survey of Nucleoside Degrading Enzyme Activities in Soybean 
Corn and Yellow Lupin
Jun 19, 2014 Ms. Jamie Avant (MS thesis defense)
“Purification and Characterization of Bovine Liver Uridine 
Jun 18, 2014 Ms. Kateryna Ogorodnik (MS thesis defense)
“Nucleoside Hydrolase Amino Acid Sequences from Plants”
Jun 17, 2014 Ms. Kara Cole Dawson (MS thesis defense)
“Synthesis of Belactosin A Analogs”
Jun 16, 2014 Ms. Ashley Lipscomb (MS thesis defense)
  “An Investigation into the Bioactive Components of Euphorbia hirta
and Pandanus tectorius
Jun 11, 2014 Ms. Rachael Hall (MS thesis defense)
“Group Dynamic and its Effect on Classroom Climate, Achievement,
and Time in Lab in the Organic Chemistry Lab”
Apr 25, 2014 Dr. Martin V. Stewart (MTSU Chem Dept)
“Archibald Belcher: First Chemistry/Physics Professor at MTSU”
(Co-sponsored by the MTSU Physics Dept)
Apr 7, 2014 Mr. Peter Haddix (MS thesis defense)
"Toward Fluorescence Enhancement of Dyes in Mesoporous SiO2
and Organic Films"
Apr 4, 2014 Dr. Hong Guo (Univ of Tennessee­–Knoxville)
“Simulations of Complex Biological Systems”
Apr 3, 2014 Mr. Matthew Robinson (MS thesis defense)
"The Effect of Pyramidalization at Nitrogen in a Series of Donor-π-
Acceptor Dyes”
Mar 28, 2014 Dr. Andrew Burden (MTSU Chem Dept)
“FROM COTTON TO CANCER: Catalytic Inhibition of DNA 
Topoisomerase II by Gossypol”
Mar 24, 2014 Mr. Ben King (MS Thesis defense)
“A Comparison Study between Coupled And Non-coupled Systems
of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and C60-fullerene forthe Application of
Organic Solar Cells”
Mar 7, 2014 Dr. Julia Brumaghim (Clemson Univ)
“You Are What You Eat: Fruit Polyphenols Prevent Oxidative
DNA Damage Through Metal Coordination”
Feb 21, 2014 Dr. Nadja Cech (Univ of North Carolina - Greensboro)
“Anti-Virulence Compounds from Nature: Outsmarting the
Feb 7, 2014 Dr. Jing Kong (MTSU Chem Dept)
“Challenges to Computation: From Breakup of a Hydrogen Molecule
to Ligand-Protein Binding”
Nov 26, 2013 Mr. Craig A. Lampert (MS thesis defense)
“Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds by Sorbent Tube and 
Infrared Spectroscopic Techniques”
Nov 22, 2013 Dr. John DiVincenzo (MTSU Chem Dept)
“Paving the Way to Better Water Quality”
Nov 8, 2013 Mr. Anup K. Deb (MS thesis defense)
“Amperometric Detection with a Dendrimer-Encapsulated Platinum 
Nanoparticle-Carbon Nanotube Composite”
Nov 8, 2013 Ms. Lola S. JarAllah (MS thesis defense)
“Characterization of Adenosine Nucleosidase from Soybean Seeds
(Glycine max L.)”
Nov 6, 2013

Ms. Jabe Kiri (MS thesis defense)
“Dendronic Surfaces for Detection of Surface Vapors”

Nov 1, 2013

Ms. Katrina Smith (MS thesis defense)
“Synthesis of Cyclopropyl Peptidomimetics as BACE1 Inhibitors”

Oct 25, 2013

Dr. Keying Ding (MTSU Chem Dept)
“Base Metal Catalysts for Sustainable Energy”

Oct 18, 2013

Dr. Kevin Bicker (MTSU Chem Dept) 
“Solid-phase Peptoid Libraries: A Tool for Drug Discovery”

Oct 11, 2013

Dr. Gary Wulfsberg (MTSU Chem Dept)
“More than Clicking with Students: General Chemistry Active
Learning Technology-based Strategies Proven to Improve Long-term
Retention at MTSU”

Oct 4, 2013

Ms. Sneha Potana (MS thesis defense)
“Determination of the Conformation of Specific Residues in a Model 
Peptide by C-13 Isotope Edited ATR-FTIR in Regular Water”

Sep 20, 2013

Dr. Kelly Perry (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
“Electron Microscope Tools to Further Our Understanding for
Fuel Cell Materials”

Sep 20, 2013

Dr. Andrew V. Teplyakov (Univ of Delaware)
“Designing a Well-defined Interface between Biomolecules and
Semiconductors for Biosensing Applications”

Jul 10, 2013

Ms. Chasity Suttle Bagsby (MS thesis defense)
 “Extraction and Detection of Pentobarbital in Soil by Solid Phase
Extraction and Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry”

Jun 24, 2013

Mr. Ram Chandra Dhakal (MS thesis defense)
“Synthesis of Various Iodyl Compounds of Iodoarenes and
Tetrazoles Using OxoneTM as an Oxidant”

Jun 21, 2013

Mr. Tuphan Devkota (MS thesis defense)
“Selective Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide, Uric Acid and 
Acetominophen Using Zinc Oxide-Carbon Nanotube Composites”

Jun 12, 2013

Mr. Arjun Kafle (MS thesis defense)
“Cu(I)-catalyzed Single Step One-pot Synthesis of 1,4-disubstituted 
Triazoles using Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES)”

May 2, 2013

Ms. Zharah Altawil (MS thesis defense)
“Isolating Nucleoside Metabolizing Enzymes from Alaska Pea

Apr 26, 2013

Dr. Jesse R. Sabatini (US Army’s Armament Research,
and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny
“Technological Advances in ‘Green’ Pyrotechnics”

Apr 26, 2013

Dr. Richard Lostritto (US Food and Drug Administration)
“Chemistry and the Drug Review Process at the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA): Illustrative Case Studies”

Apr 25, 2013

Ms. Samantha Keene (MS thesis defense) 
“The Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during Various
Stages of Decomposition”

Mar 1, 2013

Dr. Chengshan Wang (MTSU Chem Dept)
"Application of Langmuir Monolayer and C13 Isotope Edited FTIR in 
Neurodegenerative Disease"

Feb 8, 2013

Dr. Jacqueline Johnson (UT-Space Institute in Tullahoma, TN)
“Nanoparticles in Medicine” [co-sponsored by MTSU Pre-Scripts 

Dec 14, 2012

Ms. Shabnam F. Arefin (MS thesis defense)
“Retention of Water Contaminants by Fly Ash Amended Pervious
Concrete Blocks”

Dec 5, 2012

Mr. James Ladd II (MS thesis defense)
“Synthesis of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Derivatives via Suzuki and 
Stille Cross-Coupling Reactions and Subsequent Nickel
Desulfurization and Reduction”

Oct 3, 2012

Dr. Gregory B. Dudley (Florida State Univ, Tallahassee, FL)
“Recent Innovations in Alkyne Chemistry”

Jul 18, 2012

Mr. Phillip Mnirajd (MS thesis defense)
“Synthesis of Non-Halogenated Phosphorus Flame Retardants for 
Engineering Resins”

Jun 7, 2012

Ms. Archana Tirumala (MS thesis defense)
“Extraction of Fluoranthene and Pyrene from Acetone-Water Mixtures
for Fly Ash Amended Pervious Concrete Studies”

Apr 20, 2012

Dr. Anna Mapp (Univ of Michigan)
“Small Molecule Transcriptional Regulators”

Apr 12, 2012

Mr. Peter Cothron (MS thesis defense)
“The Detection and Depletion of Chemical Weapons Models using 
Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films”

Apr 6, 2012

Mr. Kevin Lavender (MS thesis defense)
“Palladium Catalyzed Sonogashira and Suzuki Couplings using a
One-Pot Approach”

Mar 16, 2012

Mr. Peter Cothron (MS thesis defense)
"The Detection and Depletion of Chemical Weapons Models Using
Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films”

Mar 2, 2012

Mr. Kevin Lavender (MS thesis defense)
“Palladium Catalyzed Sonogashira and Suzuki Couplings Using a
One-Pot Approach”

Feb 24, 2012

Mr. Mulugeta Wayu (MS thesis defense)
“Modification of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Zinc
Oxide Nanoparticles for Improved Electrocatalytic Detection of
Hydrogen Peroxide”

Nov 18, 2011

Ms. Farhana Akhter (MS thesis defense)
 “Toxicological Study of the Formation of Melamine-Cyanurate
Complex in Aqueous and Physiological Matrices”

Nov 11, 2011

Mr. Adedoyin “Tunde” Osinloye (MS thesis presentation)
Regioselective Mixed Double Coupling of Dihaloheteroaromatics:
Palladium Catalyzed Reaction using Suzuki and Sonogashira
Cross-Coupling Approach”

Nov 4, 2011

Dr. Earl F. Pearson (MTSU Chem Dept)
 “Balancing Equations with Only Two Variables and Stoichiometry
by Rebalancing the Equation”

Oct 7, 2011

Dr. Kevin M. Bucholtz (Mercer University)
“Research from the Laboratory and the Classroom: Design of
Compounds for the Inhibition of 3µ-HSD1 and Indicator of
Success in Organic Chemistry”

Sep 23, 

Dr. Paul S. Simone (University of Memphis)
"On-Line Monitoring of Drinking Water Disinfection By-
Challenges and Solutions”

Apr 21, 2011

Mr. Shravan Mallavarapu (MS thesis defense)
 “Correlation of Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Physicochemical
Properties with Cytotoxicity”

Apr 14, 2011

Ms. Vanessa E. Hobbs (MS thesis defense)
“Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Smoke Samples from
Herbal Products”

Apr 7, 2011

Mr. Brian A. Bachner (MS thesis defense)
“Nutrient Anion Sorption in Fly-Ash Mixed Pervious Concrete”

Mar 17, 2011

Ms. Anuradha Liyana Pathiranage (MS thesis defense)
“Synthesis of Cyclopropyl Peptidomimetics with Potential Anit HIV

Feb 24, 2011

Dr. Marinda Li Wu (Board of Directors, American Chemical
“A Personal and Professional Journey into the 21st Century”

Feb 17, 2011

Dr. Cianan B. Russell (School of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
Georgia I
nstitute of Technology)
“Laboratory Conundrum: A Qualitative Comparison of the
 Laboratory, Inquiry, and Classroom-Based
Authentic Research 
Experiences in General Chemistry”

Jan 26, 2011

Dr. James M. Tour (Smalley Institute for Science &
Technology, Rice Univ)
“Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics, Nanomedicine and

Nov 22, 2010  

Dr. Eva Zurek (Chemistry Dept, Univ at Buffalo SUNY)
“Predicting the Structures of Solids Under Extreme Conditions
Evolutionary Algorithms”

Nov 19, 2010

Dr. Ali Khademhosseini (Harvard Univ & Massachussetts
Instit Technol)
“Microengineered Hydrogels for Stem Cell Bioengineering
and Tissue 

Oct 28,

Dr. Martin V. Stewart and Strokes R. Swann (MTSU Chem Dept);
and Dr. James X. Corgan (Geology Dept, Austin Peay State
“History as Chemistry”

Oct 7, 2010

Dr. Charles Chusuei (Missouri University of Science and
“Tethering Nanoparticles to Carbon Nanotubes for Improved Fuel
Cell Performance”