Past Events

The MTSU Chinese Music Ensemble performs the end of the year concert to great success. Dec 4th 2019Jim Lauderdale and Su Yang play a powerhouse 2 hour set at Analog, Hutton Hotel, Nashville. Art Exhibition Aug 26th-Sept 14th 2019September 26th 4:00 pmSept 7th 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 2019October 1st 11:45 am - 1:00 pm 2019Date: Oct 2nd 7:30 pmChinese Ensemble Spring Concert- April 12th 2019Concert of ancient Chinese sung poetry-March 29th 2019Peace of Mind: Exhibit on the Art of the Chinese Qin- March 11- April 17th 2019Exhibition Opening: Peace of Mind Exhibit feat. Haiqiong Deng- March 5th 2019Butterfly Lover's Concerto feat. Wei Xiaodong with the MTSU Symphony Orchestra- February 23rd 2019The Art of Harmony: Exhibit of Classical Chinese Paintings of Xie Weiqiang- February 7th- Feb 28th 2019The Art of Harmony: Workshop with Dr. Guanping Zheng- February 23rd 2019Chinese New Year Celebration at the Art Crawl- February 8th 2019Symposium and Film Screening: Homecoming--Sights and Sounds of the Dong People's New Year- February 2nd 2019Fengyun's SInging Group with MTSU Women's Chorale- February 2nd 2019Free The Reed: Howard Levy and Hu Jianbing- October 26th 2018China Impressions: Johnannes Möller- October 1st 2018Tharlo: Film Screening and Q/A with director Pema Tseden- September 26th 2018CCMC Open House- August 18th 2018Ancient Art of the Chinese Han Dynasty: Exhibition of Bu Youchang's collection of Stone Rubbings: Annotated by Xia Yipeng - June 16th 2018-August 19th 2018Kunqu Lecture and Performance- March 25th 2018Murfreesboro Festival of Chinese Arts- January 30th-March 26th 2018Murfreesboro Festival of Chinese Arts- January 30th-March 26th 2018MTSU Chinese Music Ensemble with the MTSU Symphony Orchestra- February 24th 2018Celebration of Chinese New Year Concert- February 16th 2018Dragon Dance - February 9th 2018Jianhua Yang: Chinese Calligraphy and Painting-Workshop- February 9th 2018Chinese Art Exhibition: Opening Reception Works by: Dr Nan Liu and Dr. Jianhua Yang- January 30th 2018Murfreesboro 2nd Annual 'Boro International Festival- November 9th, 2017Discovery in a Single Tone- October 21st 2017 PANGEA: World Music concert- September 22nd 2017 MTSU Chinese Music ensemble performs at KnoxAsian festival- August 27th 2017Teaching Chinese Music in American Higher Education Institutions- May 26th 2017Dragon Harmony with Intersection Music- February 11th and 12th 2017Dueling Dulcimers from China and Appalachians- January 27th 2017MTSU Chinese Ensemble Inaugural Concert- December 2nd 2016Joys of the Season Concert- December 1st 2016Concert of Chinese music at Free Day of Music - October 22nd 2016Beijing Opera Workshop and Performances- October 14th-15th 2016Confucius Day Concert- September 21st 2016Dr. Mei Han is interviewed on WGNS- September 20th 2016Boro International Fest at Cannonsburgh- September 10th 2016Cheekwood Chinese Music and Dance Performance- June 30th 2016Visiting of the Western Kentucky University Chinese Music Club- April 10th 2016Grand Opening of the MTSU Center for Chinese Music and Culture- March 17th 2016 White House High School visit - March 18th 2016

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Dr. Mei Han

Weekdays 9:00 am -3:00 pm.

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