College of Liberal Arts Registration FAQs

If you need help with registration, please look through these frequently asked questions. If you continue to have questions, please contact a college advisor.

I tried to access PipelineMT to register for classes, but I am having trouble. What should I do?

  • Problems with your User Name and Password should be directed to ITD: 898-5345 (this number is 24/7) .
  • Check holds in your Student Records section in your PipelineMT account and remove them.
  • Make sure you have selected the appropriate term, for example Spring 2012 or Summer 2012.

I am a newly admitted transfer student and I was told I could register but I cannot. What do I do?

Make sure that you are not having any of the problems listed in the first question.

Have you met with an advisor? As a new student you are required to meet with an advisor before registration. Please read the information in " Transferring to MTSU" or contact a College Advisor.

The class I want is closed. What should I do?

The undergraduate advisors cannot permit students to enroll in closed classes. Decisions about allowing permits for closed classes are made by the professor and the department. Another option is to wait for the purge date and try to enroll again. (The purge date is the day after the fee payment deadline) 

I am trying to sign up for a course and Pipeline is telling me I do not meet the prerequisites for the course, but I do. What do I do?

If you have transferred in a course that required a substitution, please be aware that the computer system does not automatically recognize substitutions for registration purposes. If you desire to enroll in a course that requires a prerequisite and you have been granted a substitution for this prerequisite, you will need to contact a College Advisor. You must provide the call number of the course you would like to enroll in to gain an authorization before the computer system will allow you to register for this course. To maximize your chances of enrolling in the class that you desire, we encourage you to do this prior to your priority registration time.

If you are enrolled in a course at another college that is a prerequisite to a course in which you wish to enroll you must contact an advisor to authorize you to enroll in the desired course. Please contact a College Advisor or the individual department. You must provide a copy of an unofficial transcript showing you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course.

How do I use Pipeline?

Look for a tutorial link on the Pipeline homepage.

How do I confirm my registration so that my classes are not dropped?

Please follow this link to the Bursar's Office for more information. Fee payment and confirmation information can also be found in your schedule book.

How can I take more than 18 hours in a semester?

Requests to take more than 18 hours in a semester are dealt with on a case by case basis. In general a student must meet one or more of the following conditions in order to be approved to take more than 18 hours:

  1. They have a GPA of 3.5 or above
  2. They are trying to graduate by the end of the current semester.
  3. They are repeating a class.
  4. Other reasons as approved by their advisor.

College of Liberal Arts students must meet with their advisor and complete a "Request for Overload" form. The student then takes the form to the College of Liberal Arts Advising Office, Jones Hall 152.

Download the " Request for Overload"; form here - This form is ONLY for majors within the College of Liberal Arts.