Organizational Assessment and Surveys

What is going on in your organization? How can you tell if your employees are satisfied with their jobs, or if a new initiative is having an impact? An organization is like a living creature, constantly changing, growing, and adapting. The easiest way to stay in touch with these changes is with organizational assessment. 

Assessments can be done a number of different ways, from an employee survey to focus groups to interviews with key employees. Data obtained from an assessment can be used in a variety of other HR-related topics, including developing a strategic plan for improvement, determining organizational effectiveness, and performance of individual employees. Partnering with COHRE for assessing your organization will ensure that you are getting accurate, current information about your needs. 

COHRE can help you find the pulse of your organization in whatever manner may be most appropriate for you. We design our assessments so as to be scientifically grounded and practical; we will work closely with you to be sure that we ask the right questions to obtain the information you desire. Even more importantly, once the information is gathered, we will work with your organization to interpret the data and determine specific outcomes. If it is your intention to use the data from the assessment in a next step of planning, we will also help you to create this next step. 

Some of the potential assessment-related projects that COHRE has to offer are listed below. This is by no means a comprehensive list; if your organization has a more specialized need, we can design an assessment to meet it. 

  • Survey of Organizational Culture/Employee Attitudes 
  • Assess Organizational Performance 
  • Assess Effectiveness of Specific Initiatives

Being able to respond to changes within an organization better equips you to respond to changes external to your company. When managers are aware of what employees think, they can motivate and challenge individuals in ways that will benefit the whole organization. Assessment is the first step in any major change that you encounter; asking the right questions will go a long way toward keeping your organization competitive.