Meet the COHRE Staff

Austin J. Boynton headshotAustin J. Boynton

Master's Student & Senior Project Associate

Areas of Expertise
Selection, Training, Employee Engagement, Team-Building, and Leadership

Austin is currently the MTSU chapter President of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). Through this experience, Austin helped develop and lead his team in implementing a community outreach program to educate young professionals on the importance of human resources and connecting with local professionals for personal growth and future career opportunities.

In his Industrial-Organizational Master’s classes, Austin conducted thorough job analyses to provide up-to-date job descriptions and performance management essentials for implementation to increase worker productivity. In addition, Austin developed a performance appraisal system based upon a job analysis in support of consistent and proper worker evaluation. Austin also led a project team to create and implement diversity items for a culture survey and follow-up analysis.

In his current role as a Senior Project Associate at COHRE, Austin co-facilitated break-out sessions in a workshop regarding Organizational & Strategic Agility and Managing and Measuring Work. Austin also facilitated selection training to educate hiring managers on how to limit potential inner biases for an increase in legal defensibility and the means for hiring the best fit candidates. Additionally, Austin formulated job descriptions after conducting a thorough job analysis for diverse state-level positions in support of proper workplace equity and employee output.

Previously, Austin worked as an employee in the Human Resources Department while in his undergraduate at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). While there, he worked on both developing and fine-tuning communication tools, performance assessments, and various slide decks for results/data presentations and training seminars.

The previous summer Austin worked for the Project Manager in Employee Engagement at Michigan Medicine. He developed and presented Employee Engagement result guides and analyses to senior leadership to support dissemination of key findings and action planning across the more than 25,000 employees in the organization. Additionally, he conducted qualitative analyses of open-ended feedback data from survey results to determine common themes and develop strategies for addressing improvement opportunities.

During his undergraduate, Austin was the President of Psi-Chi and Psychology Board and the Vice President of the student chapter of SHRM. These roles allowed Austin to develop his leadership and work-group effectiveness skillset. Additionally, Austin studied how rearing styles and person factors contribute to worker productivity.

As a soldier, Austin graduated with honors having achieved both leadership within academics and fitness success. Austin educated incoming senior staff officers on multiple processes, personnel databases, and daily functions of command operations.