MAY 5: President McPhee extends work from home plan

Consistent with Governor Lee’s Executive Order 30, and mindful of the health and welfare of our university community, I have decided to extend the current work from home plan through May 31.  Anyone who must return to campus to retrieve personal or professional items to complete essential tasks, or who are critical to daily operations should continue to be proactive in following CDC guidelines, including proper personal hygiene and social distancing. Also, please continue to check with your supervisor prior to returning.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be issuing a plan for our return to work. As we work toward our general return date, we will have in place an appropriate process, consistent with state and federal guidelines, for the workplace. I encourage those who are at high risk to talk with your supervisors to discuss possible work scenarios that may address your unique situation.

As always, I greatly appreciate your cooperation and your adaptability.  We will work through this together.

Sidney A. McPhee