JUNE 10: Update from President McPhee on Return to Work Plan

To our University employees:

As has been conveyed in my previous campus communications, and in our recently released Charting our Course for a Safe Return to Campus document, we will be utilizing a three-phase return to work plan for our employees.  Our plan calls for the implementation of a phased approach that will allow us to safely begin to resume operations, while providing the opportunity to evaluate our mitigation plans for the COVID-19 virus before our students arrive in August.  Next week, on Tuesday, June 16, we will begin Phase 1 of our reopening in preparation for the Fall 2020 semester; bringing a small group of employees back to campus.  Approximately three weeks after that, we will move to Phase 2, with about 50% of our employees returning to their campus assignments.  And, in early August we will enter our final phase, where the majority of our employees will be back on campus. In the virtual Town Hall meeting held for employees on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, it was emphasized that division and unit heads and supervisors will be responsible for contacting employees in each phase regarding their return to work. 

If you have not already heard from your supervisor, in the next few days, you will be contacted soon regarding your specific return date.  You will also be provided with information on the measures we will be taking in our operations to protect the health and welfare of our campus community, as well as the expectations we have for all employees. Because the spread of COVID-19 is primarily person-to-person, the University community must fully engage in proactive measures. The University will provide appropriate PPE supplies to employees, including face masks, specific to their needs and work situations.

Employees are responsible for completing the following items prior to returning to campus:

  • Click here to review the Charting our Course for a Safe Return to Campus plan.
  • Click here to read the COVID-19 Policy.
  • After completion of the above items, log into PipelineMT and review and accept the Return to Work Agreement.  This agreement requires each employee, prior to reporting to work each day, to complete a self-assessment to ensure they are helping to protect the University community from the spread of COVID-19.  This option will be available on PipelineMT beginning tomorrow, June 11.

The University has also worked with our training software vendor, Safe Colleges, to provide employees with training modules related to the pandemic.  It is strongly recommended that employees take this training to expand their knowledge about safeguards that can be taken to protect themselves.  Employees will receive an email directly from Safe Colleges this evening.

Again, if you have questions or concerns, speak directly with your supervisors. It is important that you understand the expectations put forth by the University before you return to work.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and thank you for all you do for our institution.

Sidney A. McPhee