The behavior of the disturbed student often makes those around him/her feel vaguely uncomfortable on some level. Generally, it seems that the disturbed student is acting irrationally or out of synch with the reality that is perceived by others.

  • Impaired speech and disjointed thoughts
  • Emotional responses that may be incongruent and/or inappropriate
  • Expressed suicidal thoughts (e.g., referring to suicide as a current option)
  • Self-mutilating behaviors, including cutting or burning of self
  • Frequent or high levels of irritable or abrasive behavior
  • Unable to make decisions despite your repeated efforts to clarify or encourage
  • Bizarre behavior that is obviously inappropriate for the situation (e.g., talking to something/someone that is not present)
  • Report of sexual or physical assault, or the recent death of a friend or family member
  • Disclosing suspicious and/or paranoid thoughts

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