All MTSU business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note pads, cards, and other stationery items must be produced by Creative and Visual Services and must be printed by Printing Services. This ensures consistency and quality in these key and ubiquitous branding items. Reprints of your stationery items, even if there are no changes, also come through our office.

Begin the Stationery Order process! Please remember to hit the “confirm” button after you submit the order and view the proof.

If you have any problems with the order or questions, please contact Sheron Neeley.

For athletic stationery, please contact Sheron Neeley.

Do you want to order a name badge? Click order name badge or send an email to that includes the name and department for each person for whom you are ordering a name badge, whether you want the badge to be plastic ($13.50) or metal ($8.50), your name, your index number, and the Box number for delivery. Thank you.

Stationery FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions and answers about stationery. If you would like to have a copy of these, download this PDF.

What is considered to be Stationery?
Business cards, letterhead, electronic letterhead, envelopes (all sizes), memo pads, notepads, router pads, notecards, and mailing labels are all considered to be Stationery. The format, fonts, marks, and colors are defined by the University and may not be altered. Stationery is one of the key branding elements of Middle Tennessee State University.

Who can have University business cards?
Business cards can be ordered for full-time faculty and staff, some part-time staff as determined by their supervisors, Professiors Emeriti as determined by Human Resources or the Provost Office, some graduate assistants, and some students who have significant recruiting or research presentation responsibilities upon request and approval.

Business card layout example (not shown at actual size):

Business card layout example

Can I use my own design on my business card or provide a different paper to use?
No. The University has an approved standard format for official University business cards. The standard design applies to the paper the cards are printed on, colors, the type face used, and the graphics allowed. The standard must be followed.

What if I want something different on my card?
You can order a two-sided business card. The front side will be the approved University format. Ask Creative and Visual Services to design the back of your card to meet additional information or contact needs.

Can I have personal University letterhead and envelopes?
No. Official University letterhead and envelopes can be created for offices (Office of the President, Office of the Dean, Office of the Chair, etc.), Colleges, Programs, Centers, etc., but are not created for individuals. Memo pads and note cards can be produced for individuals.

Letterhead layout example (not shown at actual size):

Letterhead layout example

May I put a special graphic or seal on my letternead?
Certain secondary graphics, such as accredidtation seals, may be affixed, smaller than the MTSU wordmark, in the lower right-hand corner of letterhead, pending C&VS approval.

Why do I have to have the University street address on envelopes?
The Post Office requires it.

Envelope layout example (not shown at actual size):

Envelope layout example


Why do I need an account/index number on envelopes?
If you plan to send through the MTSU Post Office, the account/index number identifies who to charge for postage. If you opt to leave off the account/index number, you must apply postage before mailing.

How can I place my stationery order?
Go to the MTSU Stationery Ordering System, follow the prompts, and submit your order.

How can I order a reprint?
Either order through the Online MTSU Stationery Ordering System or email to request your reprint.

Mailing label layout example (not shown at actual size):


Mailing label layout example

Stationery for Athletics is different from other University stationery. Can I use the online system for ordering
Athletics stationery?
Athletics stationery can be ordered online. MTSU’s Athletic Director worked with Creative and Visual Services and the President’s Office to create the official, standard format for Athletics stationery, and that standard format is to be used for all Athletics stationery.

Why do I have to go through Creative and Visual Services to order stationery?
C&VS is responsible for making sure that stationery meets the University’s branding standards, that the nondiscrimination statement is current and correct, and for tracking print numbers for reporting purposes. All stationery is to be ordered through Creative and Visual Services and printed on campus by Printing Services.

Who do I contact if I have additional quesions?
Contact Creative and Visual Services at or call 615-898-2744.

Notpad and router pad layout examples (not shown at actual size):

Notepad no lines layout example   Notepad with lines layout example   Router pad no lines layout example

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