Department of Criminal Justice Administration Degree Audit

Students can review the courses needed to meet requirements for graduation using degree audit section of PipelineMT. Now with the new modeling feature on degree audit, the student can pick a different major and review how his or her completed course load would fulfill the requirements of another program of study.

To use degree audit modeling,

  1. Log in to PipelineMT
  2. Select the WebMT tab's Students & Financial Aid menu
  3. Under the Student Records heading, click on Degree Audit and select Modeling
    This will take the student through a series of selections (major, program, catalog, year) that will determine the appropriate program defined within the Student Information System's OnCourse component and produce a degree audit report.

The modeling feature does not permanently change a student's primary or secondary major. If a student decides to change majors he or she should seek the advice of his or her advisor and formally change the major through the departmental office of the new major.

from Communicator Vo.12 No.1 published by Information Technology Division

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