Transitioning From K-12 To College

Here we highlight the similarities and differences between receiving accommodations in the K-12 and college settings. It also contains information about receiving accommodations at the college level. The process to start requesting services may be found on the How to Register page. Keep in mind that the Disability & Access Center (DAC) facilitates access to a level playing field.


  • Student may receive accommodations under Section 504 and/or ADAAA.
  • Student may receive accommodations once proper protocol is followed.
  • Student receives support from appropriate departments.
  • Many accommodations a student might receive are similar.
  • Information is confidential and maintained by appropriate personnel.
  • For more information covering Section 504 and/or ADAAA, please refer to Helpful Links section.


K-12 School College Level
  • Student may receive accommodation(s) covered under IDEA
  • Accommodation(s) based on success
  • Student might utilize more personnel
  • Student’s team sets up accommodations (Teachers, Counselors, Guardian(s), etc…)
  • Student may arrange evaluation/testing with school
  • Therapy such as Speech, Medical, etc… may be provided
  • Student may receive accommodation(s) but is not covered under IDEA
  • Accommodation(s) based on access
  • Student might utilize adaptive technology
  • Once approved by DAC, student sets up accommodation(s) with instructor
  • Student must get evaluation/testing on own accord
  • Personal therapy such as speech is not provided


Audio Tour

Activate the Play button below for details on registering for services by Jessica Miller, a former student. You will find more tour clips on the main section pages of our website.

Audio Tour Transcript