Common Content Items

Content Type description formats
Image Content created using graphic design tools, screen captures tools, downloaded from digital cameras, etc. JPG, JPEG, PNG
(96 dpi)
Powerpoint Content created using Microsoft PowerPoint
       - Do NOT number slides
       - Use full screen images when possible
       - Avoid borders
Text Content created directly in Content Manager or through any number of text editing applications N/A
Video Content created through media design tools, downloaded from cameras, etc.
       - Not to exceed 30-45 seconds
Live Data Content created through Excel, text editors, or imported from various event management systems and servers PPTX
RSS Feed Content dynamically downloaded from servers that provide syndicated feeds N/A
Date/Time Content defined within Content Manager based on the player machine's local clock N/A
Weather Content dynamically downloaded from NOAA servers N/A
HTML Content created through website editors or dynamically downloaded from a web server N/A
Flash Content created using Adobe Flash authoring tool SWF, FLV
Excel Content created using Microsoft Excel or compatible applications XLSX
Document Content created using Microsoft Word or compatible applications DOCS, RTF
PDF Content created using Adobe Acrobat or exported to PDF from other software programs PDF
Microsoft Bing Maps Content dynamically provided from Microsoft Bing servers N/A
Wayfinding Map images created using graphic design tools (JPG, JPEG, PNG) that can be overlaid with paths and locations created within Content Manager. Note: Building directory wayfinding will use official floor plan map files from Campus Planning. JPG, JPEG, PNG
Live TV Content supplied by a television signal (Additional hardware may be needed to interface with the campus cable system) N/A
Content Feed Allows the ability to use a feed file to change what is being played on the sign without re-deploying N/A


ITD staff will work with content providers to assure the highest quality content. Requestors are encouraged to work with campus Creative and Visual Services (CVS) to provide appropriate content.