Types of Digital Signs Supported


Non-interactive digital monitors that can display various content assets

Interactive Information Boards

Interactive digital monitors that display and allow users to interact with content assets

Interactive Wayfinding Directories

Interactive digital monitors that can display various content assets, including interactive content directories and wayfinding components

Video Walls

Displays made up of multiple monitors that allow for large multimedia displays

Digital Sign Definitions

Digital Sign
A monitor that displays content and information generated by campus constituents

FourWinds Interactive (FWi)
The MTSU digital signage vendor

Content Player / Content Player Software
A computer and FWi software that allows for the display of content on the attached monitor (one content player can provide content to multiple signs)

Content Manager Server and Software
Software that manages the creation, storage and scheduling of templates and digital signage assets

Content Assets
Various data and multimedia files as well as web based and live data components that can be displayed on digital signs

Ticker / Crawl Content 
Scrolling text / display information from RSS feeds from both campus and external sources (e.g., campus calendar information, news feeds, stock exchange, etc.)