Data Science Institute - Developing People for the Data World

The Data Science Institute develops people for the data world.  This is accomplished by facilitating interdisciplinary research, industry and government partnerships, and community outreach which puts MTSU at the forefront of data science regionally and nationally in terms of education and research. The Data Science Institute also looks to develop people through doing by offering opportunities for projects, events (data dives), and training.

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Data Science Institute strategic focus:


Community Involvement Develop Students

  • A key piece to the Institute is the ability to develop students. To do this, we have teamed up with faculty and departments from across campus to give students the opportunity to develop skills outside ther classroom with:
    • Real world projects with companies and the community
    • Data Dives (data hackathons)
  • The Data Science Institute has also help guide the development of:
    • Data Science undergraduate degree (starts Fall 2020)
    • Data Science graduate certificate (starts Fall 2020)  

Faculty Collaboration Support Faculty

  • Facilitate research projects that promote big data and enable faculty and students to work together in common research themes that give MTSU opportunities for funding and publicity.

  • Fall 2019 Events 
    • September 27th and 28th - Data Dive: A Data Science Hackathon  
    • September 26th - The State of AI at MTSU: A Fireside Chat with Kirk Borne at MTSU's BAS - State Farm- in coopoeration with AIS, ACM, SME, and the Economics Club
    • September 25th - The State of AI and its Impact on Nashville: A Fireside Chat with Kirk Borne at Tech Hill Commons - Nashville, TN - A joint event for all meetups at 5:30PM - click here to register
  • Spring 2019 Events
    • March 1st - Python for Data Science for the College of Business
    • March 21st - MTSU Meetup - What is Data Science?
    • March 28th -MTSU Meetup - Developing Collaborative Data Science Opportunities
    • March 29th - Data Dive - Second Harvest
      Faculty and students can join us for an opportunity to dive deep into the data at Second Harvest.
    • April 12th - Python for Data Science for MTSU faculty

Industry Partnerships Explore Data

  • Opportunities to partner with companies on big data projects allow for entities to have the Data Science Institute look at data to add business value that may not have been apparent from those that work directly with the data.  Real-world projects for faculty and students gives them a hands-on opportunity to hone their skills as well create a pipeline for communication and opportunities.  
    • Second Harvest - improving the efficiency within the warehouse (read about the team that worked on this project at Hack MT)
    • Murfreesboro Police - predicting burglaries with leading indicators
    • Special Kids - Analyzing their donors and activities to better understand their tie to Special Kids and how to get them more involved.
    • Hytch Rewards LLC - Worked with this startup to analyze their data and use it strategically to make better decisions as they go into new markets.  (Click here to read more about it.)
    • AWIN (Advancing Women in Nashville) - A comprehensive report for understanding the job landscape and its effect on gender.


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