Dual Enrollment Grant and MTSU First Four Scholarship

Dual Enrollment Grant

For complete information regarding the Dual Enrollment Grant, please visit the grant website at TN.gov

  • The grant application must be completed each academic year. 
  • No exceptions can be made to the grant deadline established by the state.
  • The grant is not need-based; any eligible student can receive it.
  • Students must be Tennessee residents for one year prior to enrollment to be eligible.
  • The grant can only be applied toward lower-division (1000-2000 level) courses.
  • The grant can be used during the summer semester.
  • Students can receive the grant for a maximum of three courses per semester beginning in Fall 2020.
  • In order to receive the grant for more than one course in a semester, students must meet HOPE Lottery Scholarship requirements of a 3.0 GPA or 21 ACT composite score as of that semester. (Home-schooled students must have a 21 ACT composite score to receive two awards in a semester)
  • In order to keep receiving the grant after the first semester, students must maintain a 2.75 GPA in all college classes taken while receiving the grant.
  • Credit hours and GPA earned in Dual Enrollment classes do not count toward attempted hours and GPA for the HOPE Lottery Scholarship, but may count toward the student’s undergraduate attempted hours and GPA.
  • Beginning with a student’s fifth grant-eligible course, additional grant funding is available at the rate of $100 per credit hour. The student is responsible for the remaining balance owed, and the grant money is borrowed dollar-for-dollar from the first semester of a student’s HOPE Lottery Scholarship.

First Four Scholarship

  • The Dual Enrollment First Four Scholaship (DEFF) is available to any MTSU Dual Enrollment student who (1) is eligible for the Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG), and (2) uses the entirety of the first four Grant awards at MTSU. 
  • The DEFF is designed to cover the fees associated with a student’s third and fourth Dual Enrollment courses, which are not covered in full by the DEG. By receiving the DEFF, a student can take up to four Dual Enrollment courses through MTSU without any out-of-pocket tuition expense. 
  • In general, DEG policies and procedures also apply to the DEFF. *
    1. DEG/DEFF combined funding is limited to three courses in a given semester. For example, if a student enrolls in four courses in his/her first semester of Dual Enrollment, they could receive DEG awards for the first three courses, but not DEFF funding for the fourth. They could, however, receive the DEFF funding during the next semester. * -Beginning Fall 2020
    2. A student can receive more than one DEG/DEFF award in a semester only if he/she meets TELS (HOPE Lottery) requirements of a 3.0 GPA or 21 ACT as of the beginning of that semester. 
    3. A student must meet all DEG eligibility requirements to receive DEFF. This includes, but is not limited to, residency requirements; admission requirements to MTSU; and DEG GPA requirements to continue to receive the award. 
  • Students must use the entirety of their first four DEG awards with MTSU in order to receive the DEFF. If students receive a Grant award for coursework taken at another institution, they forfeit eligibility for DEFF funding. 

MTSU Dual Enrollment Tutorial Videos

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