Safety during COVID-19


The Center will resume in-person student evaluations in early 2021. Due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus, the following safety measures are in place.

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MTSU policy requires all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear masks inside campus buildings.

a checklist Prior to the testing appointment, parents and children will be screened for known or suspected COVID-19 exposure or symptoms.
a digital thermometer and a person All visitors to the center will have their temperature checked using a no-touch thermometer upon arrival.
a hand and a bottle of hand sanitizer Hand sanitizing stations are available in the building.
 A bucket with cleaning supplies Only one student will be tested on a given day. Evaluations will be scheduled a minimum of 72 hours apart to allow adequate time for safety and disinfection measures to be implemented between testing appointments. The testing room and testing materials will be cleaned before the next evaluation is conducted.
Two people standing 6 feet apart socially distanced Signs are located throughout the center to remind everyone to remain 6 feet apart. Only one person is allowed in the  restroom at a time. To help ensure social distancing, only one parent and child will be admitted to the building. Please make arrangements for the care of other children prior to your arrival at the center. The parent may remain in the waiting room of the building. Before the beginning of the evaluation, the  child will receive a bag containing a bottle of water, an individually packaged snack, and unused pencil to support social distancing at the beginning of the day.
Two way mirror testing room The examiner and the student will not be in the same room during testing. A window has been installed between two testing rooms to allow the examiner and the student to see each other and the test materials. Each room has a microphone and speakers to allow for verbal communication. The examiner and the student will remove their masks only when they are in a room by themselves.


For more information on MTSU’s safety measures, please visit

Please note: Due to safety precautions to minimize the spread of COVD-19, the tests will be administered under conditions that may not fully conform with the standardized procedures (i.e., the way the tests were designed to be given) required to yield valid and reliable results. Efforts will be made to follow standardized procedures  as much as possible without risking the health of our staff and your child. Any impact these conditions have on the validity and reliability of the results of the assessment will be considered and addressed in the written report of assessment results.

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