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Dyslexia Success Series Workshops

Registration and refreshments 12-12:30. Workshop 12:30 - 3:30.
Unless otherwise noted, the events will take place at the TN Center for Dyslexia, Room 116


Language Bootcamp
Hannah Krimm, M.S., CCC-SLP, CDP

Based on Louisa Moats’ s (2010) book Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers, this session will strengthen your knowledge of phonological awareness, build greater understanding of English spelling conventions, and increase knowledge of common derivational morphemes. Attendees will accurately segment phonemes in opaque words, learn English orthographic conventions, and accurately segment and define words with common derivational morphemes.


Stimulating Children’s Listening, Speaking, and Reading Skills to Support Literacy Development
Tammy Hutchings, M.S., CCC-SLP

This workshop will provide information to educators on language and literacy development in children in grades K-5 with a special focus on the relationship between language and reading.  Information will be provided in the areas of language and reading assessment as well as intervention strategies for speech-language pathologists, RTI interventionists, and special educators. Attendees will also learn about the unique characteristics of dyslexia and how to identify children at risk for reading problems.

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Fox Reading Conference


   Spelling Symposium (no registration fee)
   Marcia Henry, Elsa Cardenas-Hagan, Suzanne Carreker
   Free full day symposium with nationally acclaimed experts and authors generously hosted by the  
   Tom and Elizabeth Fox Endowment for Reading.
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