CUSTOMS Orientation with the COE

Welcome to the College of Education! We look forward to working with you as you begin your journey to becoming a teacher. The information and details below provide step-by-step instructions and resources for new student orientation (CUSTOMS). Thanks for choosing to become a teacher and being True Blue!


New students will first register for an upcoming CUSTOMS event. Our incoming freshmen will attend a two-day event (view agenda here) that will involve multiple aspects of campus orientation in addition to advising. Our incoming transfers will attend a one-day advising event. Those new students who elect not to attend CUSTOMS will need to schedule an individual advising appointment and will not be permitted to register until after the final CUSTOMS session at the end of summer. Find out which advisor to contact in that case by clicking here. Keep scrolling to the MISSED CUSTOMS section for how to complete orientation starting after July 29, 2021.


While awaiting to receive next steps via email from the advisor assigned to work with students at that event, you will complete all of the modules for Online CUSTOMS. At the end, you will receive a certificate of completion that you will then email to your advisor as verification of this step.


Closer to your registered session, a COE advisor will reach out to you via MT email with a pre-advising survey that will help ensure we can create accurate documentation that fits your needs, so make sure your MT email account is set up and check it often. If you have not setup your MT email yet, please do so by creating your Password by clicking on "Password Recovery Tool" and following instructions provided. If you need assistance in doing this please contact the ITD Help Desk. Advising will begin via emailing in the days leading up to your CUSTOMS session.


All students should follow along MTSU’s helpful checklists to make sure you are prepared for your CUSTOMS advising. Doing so will ensure you can register on time without any restrictions. We also encourage you to look through the COE advisors’ Resources page for documentation about our Pre-Candidacy admission process as well as Student Success tips and resources.


  • Do you need to register with our Disability Access Center?
  • If you are a Veteran/Dependent using Veteran benefits, check here.
  • If you are Honors eligible, meet with an Honors advisor to discover the different ways you can integrate MTSU's Honors program into your teaching pathway.


For those new admits who were unable to attend CUSTOMS, please follow these steps for orientation and advising requirements before registration is allowed. 

  1. Make sure your MT accounts like MTmail and Pipeline are all set up.
  2. Check Pipeline for any missing Admissions requirements:
    1. Look for the “admissions application” and select “check admission status” to view outstanding requirements. Fulfill any outstanding admissions checklist items.
    2. Under the “Registration and Student Records” tab, click the “holds” page to see if you have any outstanding holds that may prevent registration.
    3. Submit any required vaccination records to Health Services using the portal
  3. Complete all of the Online CUSTOMS modules to prepare for advising and registration. 
  4. Set up your financial aid at the MT OneStop
  5. Meet with your advisor for help with registration and to understand your degree requirements. Go to our advising page to figure out which advisor to reach out to.

Download 2021 CUSTOMS Presentation


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