Migration to Exchange Online FAQs for Faculty / Staff


What is changing about email?

We are moving from on-premise Microsoft Exchange to Exchange Online, which is part of Office 365. You can still use the Outlook client on your desktop, but the webmail address has changed to outlook.office365.com.

Why are we moving to Office 365?

Some of the benefits of this move are an increase in mailbox sizes to 100GB and easier collaboration with students.

When will my mailbox be migrated?

We will begin migrating university mailboxes on Jan. 20, 2020. You will receive an email stating the week your mailbox will be migrated and a second email on the day before. We will try to migrate people in the same department at the same time, but that may not be possible for large departments. We will try to move you as close together as we can.

My mailbox is migrated, what do I do next?

Please complete the steps below on the morning following your migration:

  1. After the migration, please restart Outlook. You may be prompted to enter your username and password (MTSU FSA username@mtsu.edu and password). Enter the necessary information if prompted and check the box for “Remember my credentials”.
  2. If you have a mobile device that has your MTSU mail on it, you will need to delete that account and add a new account. Review the "How do I put my MTSU email on my mobile phone?" FAQ below for more information.
  3. The URL for accessing email will also be changing as a part of this migration. Rather than going to mail.mtsu.edu you will now use outlook.office365.com to access your mailbox using Outlook on the web. Nothing should change in your Outlook client.
  4. The phone number to call voicemail has changed. It is now 615-898-GOVM (4686)
  5. If prompted for your username in Skype for Business, please enter your username@mtsu.edu.
  6. Review your Outlook mail rules to make sure all the rules migrated correctly. If any rules are no longer functioning as expected, you will need to edit the rule and run it again. If you still have problems with a rule, please delete it and recreate it. Review the "Why are my Inbox rules not working?" FAQ below for more information.

Will my email address change?

Your email address will not change and will remain firstname.lastname@mtsu.edu, however, you will need to use your MTSU ID username@mtsu.edu in order to sign into Outlook.

How do I get to webmail now?

Webmail is now located at outlook.office365.com.

How do I request that I be migrated sooner than scheduled?

To request to be moved up on the migration schedule, please send an email to migrationhelp@mtsu.edu. Please be advised that there may be some reasons that we may want to wait to migrate your mail, such as certain dependencies on other calendars, or mailbox permissions and delegation.

How do I put my MTSU email on my mobile phone?

Following are basic instructions to set up email on mobile devices using the native email app on your device. For more detailed instructions, click on the links below. Please note: For the best experience, Microsoft recommends using the Outlook for IOS or Outlook for Android mobile apps.

Apple iPhone/iPad

  1. Go to Passwords & Accounts > “Add Account” > choose “Exchange”
  2. Enter your MTSU ID username@mtsu.edu and description of account, i.e. MTSU and click “Next” > “Sign in”
  3. This will take you to our MTSU SSO and prompt you for a password. Enter your password
  4. Turn on what you would like to sync and “Save”
  5. You probably want to go into the account and set up mail days to sync, etc.

Visit Office Support for more instructions. (Please note that do not need to configure manually)


  1. Go to Email Settings
  2. Click on “Add account” > Choose “Office 365”
  3. This takes you to our MTSU SSO sign in. Enter your MTSU ID username@mtsu.edu and click “Next”
  4. Enter password and click “Sign in”
  5. Set up the sync period and what you want to sync and click “Done”
  6. Click “Done” again.

Visit Office Support for more instructions.

How do I set up the Outlook mobile app on my phone?

Microsoft recommends downloading the Outlook mobile app for the best email experience.

I am still using Office 2013 on my computer, will that work with Office 365 Exchange Online?

Yes, you can still be migrated if you are using Outlook 2013, however you will need to follow the following steps. (Please note: You may want to get help from your local service provider or desktop support.)

  1. Create an app password to use with Office 2013
    1. Log in to your Office 365 account using portal.office.com
    2. Click on your initials or picture in the upper right corner and click on “View account”
    3. Click on “Manage security & privacy”
    4. Click on “Additional security verification settings” then “Create and manage app passwords”
    5. Click on “create” and give the password a name like Outlook and click “next”
    6. Click on “copy password to clipboard” and paste it somewhere to use later
  2. A new profile will need to be created for Outlook
    1. Go to Start Menu and open the Control Panel then Mail
    2. Under Mail Options Profiles, click on “Show Profiles”
    3. Click on “Add”
    4. Give the Profile a Name (i.e. Office 365) and click “OK”
    5. Click on “Manual setup or additional server types”
    6. Under Server Settings enter the following
      • Your Name – First Name Last Name
      • Email address – username@mtsu.edu
      • Mail server – outlook.office365.com
      • Username – username@mtsu.edu
      • Password – This is where you put your App Password that you previously created.
    7. Click “Finish”
    8. Select your new profile Office 365

Why am I getting the error: “Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange server outlook.office365.com?”

Users should run in cached mode for optimal performance. If they choose not to run in cached mode, they may run into slow performance when deleting or moving large amounts of email. They may receive a message saying that Outlook is not responding or “Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange server outlook.office365.com.”

How to enable cached mode.

What is the phone number to check voicemail when I am off campus?

Please disregard the phone number and pin in the welcome email. There is no longer an access number to call into voicemail, and you will no longer need a pin number. Listening to voicemail and recording of greetings are now strictly managed from our desk phone, Skype for Business client, or Teams app. Learn more about Office 365 Cloud Voicemail.

Why am I getting prompted to sign into my email on my mobile phone everyday?

Office 365 applications respect our Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) service, which we enabled in 2019 to increase the security on your account. Multi-Factor Authentication is in place to prompt for your password once a day. Now that your mailbox has been migrated to Exchange Online, the MFA policy is in effect. We now have a mobile device management policy that will allow you to bypass MFA on your mobile device so that you will no longer be prompted daily. Learn more about Exchange Online Mobile Device Management. 

Why is the system slow when I delete or move large amounts of mail?

If you are experiencing slowness or error messages when deleting or moving large amounts of email, it is probably because you are not running in cached mode. For the best performance, we recommend you run in cached mode.

How can I prepare for the migration?

There is really no preparation necessary for the migration of your mailbox. However, if you want to make sure you experience the best performance, here are some tips:

  • Make sure you are running in cached mode.
  • Try to manage your mail by creating folders and moving mail from the inbox folder to the other folders. Having less mail in your inbox folder can enable inbox rules to run faster.
  • Do not create a file system in your deleted items folder or if you have one there, move it out before your mailbox is migrated. Having mail that you want to save, in the deleted items folder is RISKY! It increases the chance that your email could be permanently deleted.

Why are my Inbox rules not working?

During the mailbox migration, it is possible that some of the rules that you created in your Outlook client or OWA may not transfer over correctly or at all, requiring them to be recreated.

Here are some steps to fix a rule that is no longer working:

Outlook Client

  1. On the Home tab, go to Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts
  2. Click on the rule that is not working and click Change Rule > Edit Rule Settings
  3. If the rule looks fine, click "Finish" and then "OK"
  4. If the rule still does not run, you may need to delete and recreate the rule

Outlook Web App

  1. Click on the Settings (gear), and click on “View all Outlook settings” on the bottom of settings
  2. On the left, click Mail > Rules and click on the pencil to edit rules
  3. If the rule looks fine, click "Save"
  4. If the rule still does not run, you may need to delete and recreate the rule

What is the Focused Inbox and how do I turn it off?

When your mailbox is migrated, you may notice something that says Focused Inbox. Focused Inbox separates your inbox into two tabs - Focused and Other. Your email messages deemed most important are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible - but out of the way - on the Other tab.

Why do my voicemail messages look different in email?

The default media player for Office 365 is Microsoft Groove, therefore when your mailbox is migrated, it assumes that you would like to use Groove to play your voicemail messages. You should be prompted when you click on the first voicemail and asked if you want to select a different media player. If you choose Groove, your voicemail messages will look slightly different than they did before. If you choose whatever media player you were using before (e.g. Windows Media Player or iTunes), the messages should look the same to you as they did previously.

How do I access Skype for Business from my laptop or home computer after migration?

In order to access Skype for Business from your laptop or home computer, you will need to:
• Set your sign in address to your email address, firstname.lastname@mtsu.edu.
• When prompted for a username, enter your MTSU ID in the format of username@mtsu.edu.
• Enter FSA password.
Please note that because our Skype for Business environment is still on-premise, and your mailbox is in the cloud, you may receive messages to enter your Exchange credentials even when you are already signed in. Enter your Exchange credentials as username@mtsu.edu.

I can’t send as a different email address. What happened?

If you have been given permissions to send as another email address, but that mailbox has not been migrated, you may not be able to send the way you previously did. Until the mailbox that you are sending as is also migrated, you can do the following work-around to send as another mailbox:

  1. Log into webmail (This will not work in the Outlook client)
  2. Click on your initials or picture in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Open another mailbox”
  3. Type the name or email address of the mailbox you wish to send as and choose it from the Global Address List
  4. Click “Open”
  5. Create and send your new message. Since you are in the mailbox you are sending from, you do not need to change the “From” address.
  6. Once that mailbox is migrated, you can return to the previous way that you sent as that mailbox by changing the “From” address within your Outlook client.

I manage a shared calendar for a conference room. Can I still accept and decline invitations?

If a calendar is being synced with Office 365, you can still accept and decline invitations. However, once your mailbox is migrated, there is a bug that does not allow you accept or decline through the email that Outlook sends to you requesting the room. You will need to do the following:

  1. When the email request comes in, see it as a notification that someone wants to book a room
  2. Go to your Calendar in Outlook.
  3. Make sure on the left-hand side that you can see Rooms, and the room checkbox is checked so that you can see the calendar.
  4. Right-click on the event and choose approve or decline and send message to user.

Why can’t I access a conference room or Distribution Group that I manage?

We are still in the process of syncing groups and resources such as conference rooms. If you have a distribution list that you use, you may have trouble seeing it and managing it until the list is synced. Please contact migrationhelp@mtsu.edu or open a work order if you need to access certain distribution groups or rooms.

How do I configure Apple Mail to log in?

Launch Mail.
From the Mail menu, select Preferences.
Click Create an Account (‘+’ symbol).
Select Exchange.
Fill the following details, and then click Continue:
Name: Enter the email address user's name.
Email address: Enter your email address as username@mtsu.edu
Password: Enter the email address's password.
If you receive a warning that "Internet Accounts couldn't log in to the Exchange server...", complete the following and click Continue:
Description: Enter a description for the account.
User Name: Enter username@mtsu.edu
Password: Enter the email address's password.
Server Address: Type outlook.office365.com.
Click Continue.
Select the applications you want to link to your Office 365 email address, and then click Done.

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