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Table of Contents for Previous Issues (2011-current)

Poems & Plays Number 1 (1994)

Charles Bukowski

Quit Before The Sun Poems & Plays 1                    
Let Me Tell You About This On
Let Me Tell You About This On
Ray Bradbury Time Is Best Measured By Ruins
Robert Brown

Crossing The Wye
The Black Eye Of Love
Kevin Griffith

A Poem Should Be Mean
Robert Webb Satch
Philip C. Kolin The Soddy-daisy
Daniel R. Barnes Aftermath
Jeffrey Lee Puckett Some Champion
David Bainbridge She Only Escapes Herself While In Motion
Kurt Ficker Grimms' Tales Or Growing Up In Germany
Karen M. Jastermsky Old Garbo
Herbert W. Martin    After The Photographs Of Yousaf Karsh
Joan Miro
Ernest Hemingway
Alberto Giacometti
Art Portfolio 
Matias Longoria Teatro   Lluvia Amarilla
Robert Reid The Recommendation
Barbara January The Box
Dave Drayer From Call Of The Wolf
The 1994 Tennessee Chapbook Prize

Maureen Micus Crisick

Night Train To Budapest
Reading About Poland
A Visit With Mr. Lipinski
Night Train To Budapest
Arriving In Balaton
All Things In The House Seem Strange To The New Lodger
Snapshots Of Sikor 
Gypsy Of Zador 
Innocence Moving North
Mr. Szabo And The Red Army
When Death Comes 
For A Stranger
Janos' Bakery, 6 A.m. 
The Man Has Come To See Her Bringing His Life 
On The Cover: Polly Cook, Twist Ye, Twine Ye (Ceramic Tile On Wood, 46" X 56", 1993)


Poems & Plays Number 2 (1995)

David Citino

The War Between Poetry And The World

Poems & Plays 2

The War Between Cook Books And Diet Books
Jeff Thomson
The Avenue Of Chance Ascent
Ode To My Mother's Sunflowers
Mike Burwell

Eagle On The Cape
Montague Island: Spring
Wash Silver
Kevin Griffith

The Man Who's Been Living In Your Basement
 The Poet Leads Dante Through A Small Town
Jay Meek Liners
Marcia Hurlow The Etymology Of The Bear
Thomas David Lisk
File Under "Sleep, History Of"
Dreams Of Youth
 Transcient Longings
Dianna Henning
Why Caribou Won't Last In Big Wind Country
The Visible Dark
Vivian Shipley The Last Wild Horses In Kentucky
Marilyn Kallet
Once Upon A Time
 Out Of Bondage
Eric Hoem The Artists Look Down
  And Then There Is Chaos... A Conversation With Spalding Gray
A Play Christopher Woods From Moonbird
Cartoons Wayne Hogan A Portfolio
The 1995 Tennessee Chapbook Prize For Drama
Steven Sater Three Plays In Search Of Lost Wings
  What To Do About Delia
The 1995 Tennessee Chapbook Prize for poetry

David Stark Anaktuvuk Pass



A Photograph: Mechanics Shack
Christmas: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Changing For Winter
Whale Watch-st. Lawrence Island, Alaska
At The Air Show In Manzanar
After Appomatox
For Michael
Berry Picking
Sorting It Out
Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska
At Chitina, Alaska
Cover By Lanie Gannon (Acrylics, Various Sizes)


Poems & Plays Number 3 (1996)

Stephen Dunn

The Man In The Field Staring At The Sky

Poems & Plays 3

The Day Before
Three Roads Diverged
Stephen Dobyns
The Rotations Of The Earth
The Casualties Of April
The Invitations Overhead
Back To School
Kevin Griffith

Indexing Satan
After Three Days Of Torture, St. Existential Confesses
Gregory Thielen

Holding What I Know
Remembering Tall Grass And Stones
Joseph D. Milosch Letters From Paul
Vivian Shipley
Upon Looking At James Merrill's Poems For The First Time
Outside The New Haven Lawn Club
Anthony Libby One Hundred Pelicans And A Crane
Ginny Mackenzie The Artist's Child's Birthday Party
Daniel R. Foley Antonio Machado
Alan Elyshevitz Poland, 1990
John Cullen My Russian Autobiography
Paul Christensen   Asleep In Calvin's Church In Geneva
The Birthday Party
The Crow
Plays Steven Sater
Spiritual Hospital
Robert Alan Ford Manhattan Transaction
Robert Lawson Occam's Razor
A Conversation With Philip Levine Philip Levine
Holy Son And Mother Of The Projects  
Paul Deniro
Stalingrad, Carnage Of The Volga: In Thebeginning
Retreat Of The Saxon Horsemen
The 1996 Tennessee Chapbook Prize

Angela Kelly

Weighing The Body Back Down
Don Quixote Today
Asylum Celebration
Come Of Age
Damn Prudence
Mountain Blood
Dial W For Winter
Go Fly A Kite
Life Story In Graffiti
The Poet, Drowning At Sea
Come Again Soon
O' Pioneers
Weighing The Body Back Down
Cover: Virginia Derryberry, Herding Instinct (Oil On Canvas, 54" X 72", 1994)


Poems & Plays Number 4 (1997)

Charles Bukowski (5-9)

The 12 Hour Night

Poems & Plays 4

Roll The Dice
Peter Blair (10-12)
Quitting Time At Homestead Steel
What It Takes
Walt Mcdonald (13) Aunt Clara And The Weather
Billy Collins (14-16)

A Tibetan Buddhist Destroys A Mandala Made Of Sand
Laura Lee Washburn (17-18)   When You Wake Up In The Blue Room
Cynthia Booher (26-27)
The Yellow Carpet
Kevin Griffith (37-39)
Guardian Angel
The Man Who Could See Devils
Jean Prafke (40) How To Hold A Room Together
Chris Cokinos (41-43)
If Attention Is A Form Of Prayer
There Is No Animal Heaven
Vivian Shipley (44) Blue Fingers
Rane Arroyo (45-47)
The Flag
On Seamus Heaney Receiving The Nobel Prize For Literature
Keith Flynn (48) The Death Of The Poet
Kip Knott (60-61)
Salvador Dali's Typical Nightmare
Gregory Thielen (62) The Example
Fernand Roqueplan (63) Cherries At Kajikawa
Thomas Rain Crowe (64) Breast Feeding
Kathleen Bogan (65-66) The Lesbian And Her Father At The Beach
Rick Bursky (67) The Thirty Pound Sacks
Steven Sater (19-25) Mrs. Jones And The Man From Dixieland
Rich Stone (49-59)
Coming Soon To A Theater Near You
Just Pucker Up And Try To Enjoy It
Clint Brown (28-36) The Plague Drawings
Notes On Contributors (68)
The 1997 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Joseph D. Milosch (69-84) Among Men


Poems & Plays Number 5 (1998)
Charles Bukowski (5-7) Locked In

Poems & Plays 5

Ron Koertge (8-9) American Movie Classics
Rented Tux
Matthew Sweeney (10) Animals
Stuart Dischell (11) A Response
Jude Nutter (12-16) The Work They Love
Julie Lechevsky (27-28)  
Cynthia Boomer (29) On Discussing Compulsive Behavior With Fibonacci
Anthony Libby (30-31) Bettie Page Bound For Jesus
Charles Webb (32-34)  Pirates
History Of Humor
Jeff Hoffman (35-36) Spanish Investigation
The Happy Couple At The Perfect Restaurant
Kevin Griffith (37-39)
Our Uneventful Visit To The Aging Superhero
The Day You Become Your Father
After The Circus
David Koehn (40-41)   On The Invention Of Boxing Gloves
What The Village Did
Kip Knott (42) Heaven
Fernand Roqueplan (43-44)  Don't Know, Him Too Far
Concrete Sounds Soft
Peter Blair (45-47)  Trudging Through The Ore Looking For The Supervisor's Balls
The Slag Pits
Dianna Henning (48-49)  Pushing God Through To The Visible
Bent Bird
Kathleene West (50-51) Typing My Father's Obituary While He Watches The Channel 10 . . .
Carolyn Alessio (52) Fort Huachucha, 1954
Maria Hummel (56) Unguent
Judith Barrington (57) Beating The Dog
Vivian Shipley (58-59) Praise For My Son's Photographs Of Harlan County
Deena Linett (60) The Dead Child
Edward Sullivan (61) Calling The Enterprise Into Question
Carolyn Elkins (62) Blood
Laura Maria Censabella (17-26) Posing
Steven Sater (53-55) A Visit From Nod
Notes On Contributors (63-64)  
The 1998 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Robert Collins (65-84) Lives We Have Chosen


Poems & Plays Number 6 (1999)
Ron Koertge (5-7
My Students

Poems & Plays 6

Phone Sex
Domestic Allegory
Lois Marie Harrod (8-9) Anything Goes And Everything Did
David Kirby (12-14) Repression
Julie Lechevsky (23-24)
The Music
Michael P. Mcmanus (25) Pleasure
Thea Sullivan (26-27) Outside The Lines
Kathleene West (28-30) Double Entendre, Double Entente
Charles Harper Webb (37-38) Heisenberg'S Uncertainty
Anthony Libby(39) Surfing The Louvre: Egyptian Antiquities
Kip Knott (40) Waking In A Strange House
Marilyn Shelton (41) Clearing The Underbrush
Judith Barrington (42)   Crows
Tina Barr (43-44) Delta
Sheryl Luna (47-48) Ambition
C. Alifair Skebe (49) Belie
Steven Walker (50-51) Never Say Never
Laura Lee Washburn (53) The Devil's Pocketbook
Ryan G. Van Cleave (55) The Hanged Man
Phebe Davidson (56-57) Years Later
Brett Hursey (58) "Man Shoots Mayor Over Fifteen Dollar Water Bill"
Naomi Wallace (11) Manifesto
Josh Ben Friedman (15-21) Removing The Head
Chris Jarreu Railey (32-36) Peach Cobbler And Patsy Cline
Christopher Woods (45-46) Darla
Betty Diamond (52) Beautiful Woman
Ginny Cerrella (59-66) His, Hers, God's
Rosemary Feit Covey (10, 22, 31, 54, 69)     Antigenic Shift
The Next Show
Together In Their Grave...
I Shot A Hawk...
Jerry Max
The 1999 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Rob Griffith (69-84) Necessary Alchemy


Poems & Plays Number 7 (2000)
Charles Harper Webb (5)   Writing For Youth

Poems & Plays 7

Virgil SuRez (6-8) At The Somnambulist Convention
Ron Koertge (9-10)

A Good Story
Marc Swan (15)
Life's Tough
Martini In A Plastic Glass
Naomi Wallace (23-24)  Details We Could Spare
By No Device Of Ours
Judith Barrington (25) When Someone You Love Has Drowned
Bill Sweeney (26-27) A Waking
Dominic W. Holt (28-30)
My Worship Of Scarecrows
Speaking Plainly
Fernand Roqueplan (31-32)
Idle Wolves
Christopher Brisson (49-50) A To Z
Ryan G. Van Cleave (51) El Libro Del Rey De Relamp Gos
Robert Miltner (52) The Thieve's Quintet Plays The Blue Note
Vivian Shipley (53-54) Sooner Was A Hard Dog To Keep Under The Porch
Carmen Germain (55) Picking Huckleberries
Leslie Adrienne Miller (56-57) Outliving The Lyric Moment
Joyce Odam (58) Three Egrets
Gerald Locklin (63) Learning From Nostradamus
Karen Rosenberg (11-14) Two Short Plays With Dancers And A Puppet
Sandra Perlman (19-22) Dearie
Elaine Romero (59-62) Roadaphobia
Contributor Notes (64)  
The 2000 Tennessee Chapbook Prize For Drama
Laura Maria Censabella (33-48) The Actual Footage
The 2000 Tennessee Chapbook Prize for poetry
David Kirby (65-88)                              The Travelling Library


Poems & Plays Number 8 (2001)
Katiakapovich (5-8)
A Beggar

Poems & Plays 8

A Long Sentence
Ann Killough (9-10) Virgin And Child By Paolo Uccello, C. 1440
Peter Covino (11-12) An Offering
Thea S. Kuticka (13) Half Moon Bay
Ron Koertge (14-15) Chlps
The Fighting Poets
Richard Newman (16) Mistakes
Charles Rafferty (17-19)
Holly Schullo (27-28) Red Canna
Carmellaj Braniger (29)  Small Town Affairs
Michael Atkinson (30-31) Finding Nude Polaroids Of My Mother, 1972
Jeff Knorr (32) Two Ghazals
Tom Dvorske (35) Work
Rob Griffith (36-37) Cashing It In
James Doyle (38) Gandhi And Tolstoy Correspond
Dan Memmolo (39-40) Reading Gogol At Fenway
Christine Delea (57) About The Things We Leave Behind In Cities
Martin Arnold (58) Blue
Charles Harper Webb (59-60) Epiphany
Jarret Keene (61) The Poet'S Bad Faith
Crystal Skillman (20-26) Tooth
Dan O'brien (41-56) Either/Or
Contributor Notes (63-64)  
The 2001 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Julie Lechevsky (65-84) Doll


Poems & Plays Number 9 (2002)
Jerry Williams (5) Emerald Lake

Poems and Plays, 9

Alexandra Van De Kamp (6-7)
Scientific Theory
The Rainiest May In The Twentieth Century
Ann B. Knox (8-9) Believe Me
Jennifer Perrine (10-11)  To The Previous Owner
While You Were Gone
Lois Marie Harrod (12) In The Museum Of Fucking
Kate Gale (13)
Solomon's Problem
E. R. Carlin (14-16) Horse Back Stance
Naton Leslie (17) In Public
Mike Carlin (24) Honey West
Charles Rafferty (25) The Underground Man
Charles Harper Webb (26-27)
Family Planning Center
Kevin Griffith (28) The Night Before We Became The Living Dead
J. R. Solonche (29) Looking Out The Window At The Fog Without My Glasses
Tom Dvorske (30) Beveled
Susan Thomas (31) The Hand That Waves Good-bye
Matthew J. Spireng (32) The Dig
Jennifer Barber (33) Days Of I492
William Woolfitt (34) In The Time Of The Volcanoes
Christine Boyka Kluge (35) Breath
Ron Mohring (36) To Have And To Hold
Ron Koertge (37) The Chinatown Book Of The Dead
Moira Egan (52) Liminal Hymn
Melanie Jordan Rack (53) Jeremiad
Albert Haley (54) Les Etoiles
Matthew Guenette (55-56) Two Poems
Bart Edelman (57) I Killed The Poet
Richard Newman (58) Wild Game 
Virgil Suarez (59) Husk
Joseph D. Milosch (60-62) On The Wing
Jean Kristen Hedgecock (18-23) Damnation
Barbara Hamby & David Kirby (38-51) Mrs. Kaneshiro Sees God
The 2002 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Alison Pelegrin (65-84) Voodoo Lips


Poems & Plays Number 10 (2003)
Barbara Hamby (5) The History Of Apples, Part One

Poems & Plays 10

Elizabeth Sullivan (6-8) Antioch
In Common
Julie Lechevsky (9-10) When I Asked For Help With My Software, He Parsed All My Algorithms Alternating Current
Kevin Griffith (11-12) My Own Worst Enemy
When You Return From The Dead
J. Gabriel Scala (13-14)
Riding Horses In Snow
Gabrielle Lemay (15-16) Tango
September Sonatina
Lorraine Healy (17) An Artifact Of Light
Judith Sornberger (18-19)
Mary, After The Angel
If She Could
Charles Harper Webb (27-29) Nerves Of Titanium
Gregory Hischak (30-31)
The Temperature On Mercury (F)
High Water Mark
Rob Griffith (32) Confessions
E. Schwerer (49) It Isn't Like This
Kim Bridgford (50) Storm
Claire Kiefer (51) Forgive Me
Cleatus Rattan (52-53) The Old Boys
Bill Brown (54) The Calling
Charlie Clark (55-56)
The Virility God
Upon Hearing That A Friend's Suicide Note
Blamed The Father For Everything
Philip Memmer (57) Oil Change
Gregory Razran (58) For Anna (At "Jiffy Lube")
Todd Thompson (59) Death Reverie
Ken Denberg (60) Baby, It's Cold Outside
Matthew Guenette (61) A Way Of Getting Students Into Modern Poetry
Virgil Suarez (62) Las Pentagonias Of Reinaldo Arenas
Steven Schutzman (20-26) The Salesman
Contributor Notes (63-64)  
The 2003 Tennessee Chapbook Prize for Drama
Dan O'brien (33-48) The Dear Boy
Mac Gay (65-84) Physical Science


Poems & Plays Number 11 (2004)
Ron McFarland (5) Idaho Meditation For Elizabeth Bishop

Poems & Plays 11

William Greenway (6-7) Maps
Piecing On The Ham
Moira Egan (8) Seven
Erin Keane (9-10) The Jumbotron Nightmare
Aunt Molly's Advice To The Exhibitionist
Ron Koertge (11) Off-track Betting
Charles Rafferty (12-13) The Connoisseur Of Browns
The Man Who Missed Everything
Tim Bradford (19-22)
Nomads With Samsonite
Jennifer Finstrom (23-24) Poem For A Strange Journey
The Woodcutter's Children
Philip Memmer (25-26) Knowledge
  The Wife Test
David Wyatt (27) No Such Thing
Janice Moore Fuller (28) Rapunzel
Dan Memmolo (29-30) A Raised, Clenched Fist
Jennifer Perrine (34) Coveting, With Pronunciation Guide
Judith Arcana (35-36) What The Birds Say
Martin Ott (37) Somnambulist
Kevin Griffith (38-39)
It Happens In Kansas
Charles Harper Webb (40-41)   Humor Incompetence In A Serious Problem
Jeff Hardin (42) Remember The Little People
Albert Haley (43) Flag
Gretel Young Hickman (44) These Words Would Bury
Barry Garside-Fogden (51-52) Niedersachsenwerfen
Ann Day (53-54)
The Locked Door
Outside The City
Pablo Tanguay (55) Shine
John Colburn (56) Beginning A Country
James Doyle (57) The Birthday
Charlie Clark (58-59) The Old Yard
Stuart Bartow (60) A Visit With Baby Hephaestus
Stephanie Dickinson (61) Super 80, 1946 
Michael Potts (62) Bag Of Bones
Jim Quinn (14-18) Her Deer Story
Adam Szymkowics (31-33) Save
Crystal Skillman (45-50) Replacing The Image
The 2004 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Gabrielle Lemay (63-64) Pandora's Barn


Poems & Plays Number 12 (2005)
Anne Coray (5-8)

Poems & Plays 12

Lynnell Edwards (9-11) Children Will Drive You
Campari And Soda
Pga Punch: Garnish
What The Dead Think
E. R. Carlin (22-24) Uova In Purgatorio
Mixed Doubles
Keith Flynn (25-26) The Force Of Habit
Charlotte Matthews (27-28)
Rehersal For The Real Thing
Lois Marie Harrod (29-30) Teaching "Leda And The Swan"
Barn With Snow
Marcia L. Hurlow (31) No Advice
Georgia Tiffany (32) Vow
Charles Harper Webb (36-38)
Against Soul-baring
Portrait Of Ralph D. Baron, President
Losing Imaginary Mary
Richard Jones (39-40) The Diner
J. P. Dancing Bear (41-42)
Act Of God
Prospero As Tv Weatherman
Stuart Bartow (43-44)
On Being A Lesser Poet
Alison Pelegrin (45) Baby, You Don't Know My Mind
Charles Rafferty (46) The Aficionado Of Pain
Joanne Lowery (47) Death Writes A Villanelle
Lee Passarella (48) Augury
Ann Day (49) Winter Walk
Moira Egan (50) Why Penelope Cried
Jolee Joseph (58) Living Magic
Debra Woolley (59) On Assigning Your Children Biblical Names
Allison Defreese (60)
Edward Schelb (61-62) You Can Talk About The King Of Gideon
Deborah Ann Percy & Arnold Johnston (15-21) Parking Space
Laurie Stone (51-57) Tongue
Contributors (63-64)  
The 2005 Tennessee Chapbook Prize

Nancy Naomi Carlson (65-84)

Imperfect Seal Of Lips


Poems & Plays Number 13 (2006)
Mike White (1)   Manual

Poems & Plays 13

Jessica Jewell (5-6) Wisdom Of Fly-fishing In Slovenia
A Shark While Running
Robert Collins (7-9) The Antichrist In Alabama
Word To The Antichrist
Mark Halperin (10-12)
Ron Koertge (13-14) The Poet's Wife
Charles Sweetman (15) Dus-chotimirsky Was A Dangerous Man
Jim Daniels (16) Dusk
Kate Gale (25-26)  Later, The Moon Died
Trey Palmisano (27)   Rend
Victoria Clausi (28) All That Looking For
Scott Macphail (29-30)  
Crush Mark Defoe (31) The Rock And The Pebble
Michelle Miller (32-33)
The Minimalist On Summer
Turning Out Pockets
Elena Karina Byrne (34-35) Face Mask: The Art Of Physiognomy
Richard Foerster (36) One Year After
Michael Magee (46) A Trip To Jerusalem
James Doyle (47-48)
While Rome Burned
Clare Banks (49) Nashville
Janice Moore Fuller (50) Open Studio, The Tyrone Guthrie Center
Emily Perez (51-52)
On My Way To The Doctor
Maker, Collection
John Crutchfield (56) Dodson's Crossroads
Jan Haag (57) Gravy
Amy Lemmon (58) Monday Aubade
Ann Day (59) Long Walk On A Greek Island
Kevin Mckelvey (60) Self-portrait As Ridge
Shane Seely (61-62) The Clawfoot Tub
Deb Margolin (17-22) From Index To Idioms
Rane Arroyo (37-45) A Lesson In Writing Love Letters
Carson Kreitzer (53-55) Brett "The Hitman" Hart
Contributors (63-64)  
The 2006 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Joanne Lowery (65-84) Diorama


Poems & Plays Number 14 (2007)
Ben Moorad (1)   From Balcony

Poems & Plays 14

Judith Sornberger (5-6) Ode To A Full Moon Rising Over Wal-mart
Arthur Smith (7-8) The Future Is Already Among Us, The Old Man Said
A Place In Time For This, Too
Brian Griffin (9-12)
Why Do We Fight These Wars If God Is Love
And Light Travels Years From Distant Stars?
If Creation Is A Veil
Adrianne Kalfopoulou (12-14) Window Hope-less Matter
Fall Grapes
Lynnell Edwards (15-16) From Catalogue, Locust Grove Antique Show
Lois Marie Harrod (17-18) Apology In That Long Ovation Of Rain
Stephanie Gehring (26) Vellum
Carolina Morales (27-28)   Lycanthropic
Bride Of Frankenstein
Tatyana Mishel (29-30)
Losing It
Tom C. Hunley (31-32) "Now" The Spirits Say "Stay Away"
Brian Billings (33-34) A Cremation At Wilcroft Estates Floating While Failing
Stephen Gibson (35) The Battle Of Lepanto By Paolo Veronese, Palazzo Ducale, Venice
Doug Ramspeck (36-37) The Myth Of Regeneration Early Snow
Kevin Griffith (38) Aubade
Todd Thompson (49-50) Petco Truck Overturned On Expressway Mt. Ever-rest
Rynn Williams (51) Insomnia
Kevin Mckelvey (52) Self-portrait As Tornado
Jill M. Kupchik (53) Her American Personality And Her French
Personality Sit Down To Have A Conversation
Anna Scotti (54) Onomatopoeia
Mark Defoe (55-56) October: Charleston, Wv To Buckhannon, Wv
Greg Moglia (57) A Man Is Not Supposed To Give In To Tears
Frank Montesonti (58-59) Film Noir
Ron Mcfarland (60-62) Why I Hate Christmas A Visit To The Art Museum
A Christmas Memory Contributors (63-64)
Kathleen Wakefield (19-25)  
Real Estate
Contributors (63-64)  Crows Over Wheatfield
The 2007 Tennessee Chapbook Prize
Wayne Paul Mattingly (65-84) Stripping Eden


Poems & Plays Number 15 (2008)
Richard Jackson (5-7)  

Poems & Plays 15

Katherine Smith (8)  
Linda Parsons Marion (9-10)  
Joel Long (11-12)  
J. R. Thelin (13-16)    
Georgia Tiffany (17-18)  
Suzanne Roberts (19-20)  
Charles Rafferty (21-23)  
Joseph D. Milosch (24)  
David Hawkins (1, 32-34)  
Kevin Griffith (35)  
Robert Parham (36-37)  
Rick Christman (38)  
Lowell Jaeger (39-40)  
Matt Zambito (41-42)  
Danny Dicrispino (43)  
John Randolph Carter (44-45)  
Clarinda Harriss (46)  
Tatyana Mishel (50-51)  
Pablo Tanguay (52)  
Charles Harper Webb (53-55)  
Joanne Lowery (56)  
Daniel Daly (57)  
Alan Catlin (58)  
Lisa Dordal (59-60)  
Fred Yannantuono (61-62)  
Contributor Notes (63-64)  
John Longenbaugh (25-31)  
Bill Teitelbaum (47-49)  
The 2008 Tennessee Chapbook Prize 
Tammy Armstrong (65-84) The Great Swindle Of Taxidermy


Poems & Plays Number 16 (2009)
Paul Christensen (1) From With Winter in Each Pocket

Poems and Plays, 16

Kathleen Kirk (5-7)
Making Love to General Robert E. Lee
Richard III
Judith Sornberger (8-10) The Quest for the Source of Human Evil
Easter Morning
Jane Varley (18-19)  Packing the Car for Our Western Camping Trip
Artic Terns
The Horses of Hofsos
Lois Marie Harrod (20) North
James Doyle (30) The Train from Rome
Barbara Louise Ungar (31-32)

Bad Demeter
Rob Griffith (33-34)
The Quick and the Dead
Terry Savoie (44-45) Standing Before Masaccio's
Expulsion from Paradise
Dana Curtis (46)

Norturne III
Doug Ramspeck (47-48)

Backwater Orchard
Swamp Dance
Nancy Naomi Carlson (55) Fabled Fruit
Naton Leslie (56-57) You Have the Right to a Hound
Gregory Hischask (58-59)

The Culling
Ron Koertge (60-62) Dear Citizen,
Laura Maria Censabella (11-17) Stones Fall, Birds Fly
Steven Schutzman (21-29) Italy
Claudia Barnett (35-43) Emily Dickinson's Sister
Eric Lane (49-54) Ibis
Contributors (63-64)  
The 2009 Tennessee Chapbook Prize 
Mark Defoe (65-84) Ten Scenes with Mockingbird


Poems & Plays Number 17 (2010)
William Trowbridge (5-9) Roll Out the Fool

Poems and Plays, 17

  A Small Bouquet of Poets
Charles Rafferty (9-10)

The Man in Charge of Darkness
Leslie Bohn (1, 11-13)

From Polymnia's Son
I've Learned from a Green Lizard
Darlene Pagán (14-16)

Ode to 107º
The Monster
Ron Koertge (17-18)

The Trojan Pony
James Doyle (27-28)

Codpieces for Sale
Meeting under the Streetlight
Kathleen Kirk (29-30)

Excursion into Poetry
My Porn Name
Albert Haley (31-33) The Bottom Line Is
Reduction in Force 
Suzanne Roberts (34-35)

If You Could Ask, What Is It that you'd Want?
Apocalypse at the Safeway
Jane Varley (45-46)

Hot Springs
Dan Memmolo (47) Sundress
Dana Curtis (48-49) Lassitudinal Verses
Doug Van Gundy (58-59)

Matins—New Smyrna Beach
Mike Burwell (60) A Dream after Lobster
Lisa L. Siedlarz (61-62)  Memorial Day
A Swizzle Stick, Two Cigarettes, and a Lighter
Lynn-Steven Johanson (19-26) The Crucifixion of Moe and Ira
Crystal Skillman (36-44)
Mark Hosford (50-57) From Ghost Stories
Contributors (63-64)  
The 2010 Tennessee Chapbook Prize 
Judith Sornberger (65-84) The Hard Grammar of Gratitude


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Chair: Dr. Stephen Severn

Email: stephen.severn@mtsu.edu

Telephone: (615) 898-2648

Fax: (615) 898-5098