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Poems & Plays Number 18 (2011)
Michelle Miller (5-9) In the Absence of a Perfect Language

Poems & Plays 18


Short Essay on the Relativity of Relative Happiness

The Late Friday Hours
Elizabeth Kerlikowske (9-10)

Faces on Plates
Poem without a Single Lie in It
Albert Garcia (11-13)
The Weather and Your Dress
Home from Work
Elephant Heart
Holly Hinkle (14) Blackout
Doug Ramspeck (23-24)

Crow Prayer
White Lie
Kathleen Kirk (25-26)

After the Documentary
Nocturne in Grey and Gold
Margaret Hoffman (30-31)

Breakfast on the Veranda with Gaylord Brewer
Metaphor for Being in Love: #1
James Doyle (32-34) Miss America, 1799
Family Album
From Sir Reginald's Diary, England, 1857
Christine Heppermann (35-37) Choice
First Communion Reject
Beached Mermaid 
Tom Hunley (38) My Worst Fear Comes True
Mr. Beasley
Suzanne Roberts (51) Skeleton
Stephen Gibson (52-53) Tweets
Bart Edelman (54-55)  Colonel Sanders (and the Gospel of Love)
Frame by Frame
Mark Neely (56) Last Call
Emilia Phillips (59-60)  Ghost Sonnet
Ars Poetica: A Bucket of Blood
Rodney Wittwer (61) The Answer Man at the Arena
Krista Lukas (62) It's Funny
Kimber Lee (15-22) Mute
Diane Diianni (27-29) The Intender
William Orem (43-50) Ontological
Eric Lane (57-58) The Adventure
Contributors (63-64)  
The 2011 Tennessee Chapbook Prize 
Daniel Daly (65-84) Off the Road


Poems & Plays Number 19 (2012)
William Pitt Root (5-9) Updates


Use these Clues to Review the Blues
Stuart Bartow (10-12) Magical Boy
Forbidden World
Charlotte Pence (13-16) Along the Putumayo River in the Amazon
The Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia
My Father Speaks of Thieves
Katheleen Driskell (17-18) The Oak Room
Church of the Absent Mother
Katherine Smith (19-22) Southern Jew
The Lighthouse
Russell Evatt (23) Well-Worn Hymnai
Bruce Barton (1, 33-38) from Evening
Morning Tracks
How to Survive Hunting Season
Ron McFarland (39-41) On Hearing that Idaho's Per Capita Income
Ranks Lowest of Any State Except Mississippi
Learning to Dance
James Doyle (42-43) Adult Education: Creative Writing--Poetry, Wednesday Nights
Opehlia Plans Her Afternoon
Jason McCall (44-45) "People Change Their Names . . . You Did."
"Change Is Neither Good Nor Bad; It Simply Is. It Can Be Greeted with Terror or Joy."
Dana Curtis (46) Wave Parcile Duality (Noir)
Mac Gay (55-56) Poolroom
Witnessing Weather
Charlotte Matthews (57-58) Reasons Why He Fell
The End of Make Believe
Kathleen Kirk (59-60)

Cassandra Loses Her License
Cassandra Turns into the Moon
Cassandra Takes off Her Mask
Naton Leslie (61) You Have the Right to Hot Peppers
Richard Newman (62) Italian Sonnet
Erin Keane (24-31) Manicpixiedreamgirl Panic
David Marcia (47-54) Whiskey Tango
Martin Wittfooth (32 + Insert)  
Contributors (63-34)  
The 2012 Tennessee Chapbook Prize 
Lois Marie Harrod (65-84) THE ONLY IS


Poems & Plays Number 20 (2013)
Marvin Bell (5-8) Big Steaming Piles of Evidence Poems & Plays 20
1 A.M.
William Trowbridge (9-10) Who's on First?
The Guys
Carrie Shipers (11-12) Self-Portrait as Tornado
Confessions of an Unknown Monster
Juned Subhan (21-28) Snowman I-IV
Victoria Kelly (29-32) Prelude
Watching from the Runway
On Sundays
Elizabeth Kerlikowske (33-36) No Matter How Much You Wish
The Man in the Moon is Dependable
He Says
Not the Kind of Folks Who Hug Much
Three Definitions
Rane Arroyo (37) This is the Truth, Says the Liar
Richard Newman (38) Ode to Despair
Kathleeen Kirk (39-40) Something for You Here
Charles Harper Webb (41-42) Iceman Dreams
That's What I'm Talking' About
Michael J. Grabell (52-54) Gravitron
Synthesis Photo
Suzanne Freeman (55-57) What Are You, Blind?
Walking Wounded
Joanne Lowery (58) The Elephant in the Room
Naton Leslie (64-65) You Have the Right to Good Reception
Chad Prevost (66-67) Noah's Evidence
Philip Raisor (68) Career-Ending
Ron Koertge (69-70) Walt Whitman in North Hollywood 
Crystal Skillman (13-20) Fizzy
Adam Pasen (43-51) StarF*cker
Patricia Staton (59-63) Life with the Dead Man; or, How I Fell for Entropy
Contributors (71-72)  
The 2013 Tennessee Chapbook Prize 


Poems & Plays Number 21 (2014)
James Doyle (7-8)   Poems & Plays 21
Kate Gale (9-10)  
Richard Jackson (11-15)  
Ron McFarland (16-17)  
Kevin Griffith (18-20)  
Keith Flynn (21-25)   
Michelle Miller (26-28)  
William Pitt Root (29-31)  
Jeff Hardin (32-34)  
Lynnell Edwards (35-36)  
Ron Koertge (37-38)  
Virgil Suarez (39-40)  
Gerry LaFemina (41-42)  
Kathleen Driskell (43-46)  
Katerina Stoykova-Klemer (47-49)  
Jeff Knorr (50-52)  
Monica J. Brown (53-54)  
Georgia Tiffany (55-58)  
Lisa L. Siedlarz (59-60)  
Chet Weise (61-62)  
Charles Harper Webb (63-64)  
Doug Ramspeck (65-66)  
Sebastian Matthews (67-69)  
Michael Hemmingson (70)  
Judith Sornberger (71-72)  
Michael Pearce (73-74)  
Kathleen Kirk (80)  
Claudia Barnett (81-88)  
Adam Seidel (89-95  
Michael Pearce (96-100)  
Richard Newman (101-107)  
Contributors (108-110)  
Charles Bukowski (111-112)  


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