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Engineering Systems

This minor prepares students for positions in both the industrial and service sectors. Industry sought-after certifications can be earned in lean manufacturing and/or six-sigma upon completion of an industry project during an industry internship. Core competitive attributes applicable to all enterprises are emphasized and include quality, cost, and delivery systems (QCD) through successful completion of this minor. There are no course pre-requisites required for the following 3 semester-hour courses that are needed for the Engineering System's minor:

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This program is designed to prepare students for positions and careers in both the industrial and service sectors. Certifications can be earned in lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma (Green Belt level). Typical positions include: junior industrial engineer, first-level management, Quality/Six Sigma analyst/leader, lean manufacturing leader, safety/ergonomics coordinator, production/project scheduler, inventory analyst, work team leader, and other related positions.


Engineering Systems, a minor in the Engineering Technology Department, is consistent with the Middle Tennessee State University's mission statement and associated goals, and helps prepare graduates to:

  1. Develop interpersonal, management, and technical skills needed for their success in many various industry or business systems.
  2. Meet an increasing need in the workplace for graduates that are able to fast track into technical systems management or high-value specialty knowledge management positions.

Coursework provides an emphasis on "hands-on, can do" attributes by use of industry collaborations (involving student projects), and industry-sought-after certifications in LEAN manufacturing and SIX SIGMA to meet these needs.


The Engineering Systems Minor program helps students to be prepared to:

  1. Implement "lean" techniques to improve productivity in any operational system such as healthcare or production;
  2. Improve quality in any operational system using the six sigma methodology;
  3. Use proper ergonomic measures in the workplace;
  4. Analyze production and administrative systems, machines/methods, and processes using fundamental technical principles and analyses;
  5. Perform industrial engineering systems analyses involving time & motion studies;
  6. Solve problems through thinking logically, critically, and creatively;
  7. Develop "interpersonal skills" and teamwork to seek and share knowledge, perform tasks effectively and creatively, and be able to communicate effectively, clearly and precisely;
  8. Develop leadership skills to lead subordinates and teams.

Students should consult their advisors each semester to plan their schedules.

Minor in Engineering Technology

See Undergraduate Catalog for description.

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Congratulations to the 2022 Department of Engineering Technology Outstanding Students!

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