Event Coordination FAQs

How do I reserve a room on MTSU’s Campus?

Instructions and guidelines to request space on MTSU campus:

  1. Go to 25Live to search for an appropriate location and/or available space, a login is not needed. 
  2. Contact the correct scheduler/coordinator to get more information about booking information (click here for a list).
  3. Complete and submit Online Form (25Live) or Application for Use of Facilities form. For Student Affairs spaces (SU, KUC, JUB, REC), please visit mtsu.edu/mtunions or Camp Rec and follow the instructions to Request Space there.

 All External Clients must also complete a Full Contract by contacting the appropriate scheduler. A listing of rentable locations can be found within the Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling Policy and also within the Properties/Facilities Available for Use.

All paperwork must be approved, finalized and received by the scheduler/coordinator at least 5 business days (Mon.-Fri.) prior to the event or meeting.

  1. Reference the Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling policy, for additional information.
  2. Inquire about additional event services and User Fees, as needed.

What is 25Live?

25Live provides a centralized scheduling system for the MTSU campus. It allows users to view space availability and advanced users to input events for the University Master Calendar. A quick reference can be found at “Finding Space for your event”. Questions about 25Live should be sent evtcoord@mtsu.edu.

What browser works best with 25Live?

Users are strongly encouraged to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  There are known issues with versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 10.

Why does 25Live seem to be running/loading so slowly?

Although many people think of it as "just" another website, 25Live is a complex and full-featured application that has the potential to be accessed by thousands of people at one time.  Speeds can vary based on the speed of your network connection, available bandwidth, the number of users on the system and a number of other factors. 
Additionally, the data in 25Live changes frequently.  Using the system involves searching thousands of location, resource, organization, contact and event records to deliver the most accurate information in real time.  Thus, performance enhancements and adjustments are being made with every new release.  Lastly, the browser used to access 25Live can also affect the site's performance. 

How can I get my event to show up on the University Master Calendar?

Events are categorized on the University Master calendar based on the detail provided to the scheduler/coordinator within the Application for Use of Facilities form and/or University Contract. Featured/Special categorized events have an expected head count of above 200 people and require an event description and website with additional information. The Event Coordination department works closely with the News and Media Relations department to publicize events accordingly. Contact the Event Coordination Department at (615)898-5002 or evtcoord@mtsu.edu for more information.

What MTSU spaces are not included within 25Live?

Computer labs that do not have academic classes scheduled are not scheduled in 25Live-The following is a list of the five “University” Computer Labs on Campus. Some labs do take room reservations.

University Computer Lab at BAS 
University Computer Lab at Walker Library 
University Computer Lab at KOM 
University Adaptive Technology Computer Lab at Walker Library

Many ITD training room computer labs are not listed in 25Live and are scheduled by contacting ITD directly.

Conference room scheduling is not required; however, some departments have chosen to use 25Live for booking and calendaring. For a basic list of conference rooms, please contact the Event Coordination office at (615)898-5002 or email evtcoord@mtsu.edu.

Most Library spaces are not listed in 25Live. For a complete listing of LIB rooms, go to http://library.mtsu.edu/. To schedule LIB space, please contact the Library directly.

Any MTSU department that would like to have their spaces included in 25Live, send an email to evtcoord@mtsu.edu.

All academic classrooms are required to be listed within 25Live.

Can I create a calendar for my webpage using 25Live?

Yes. Contact the Event Coordination Department at (615)898-5002 and get started today!

How can I learn more about 25Live?

The Event Coordination Office offers 25Live training/information sessions. Please contact Event Coordination at (615)898-5002 or evtcoord@mtsu.edu to find out more about these sessions or set one up.