Building Services

Building Services, which consists of General Maintenance, Construction Services, Metal Shop, and Life Safety Maintenance, serve the campus through preventative, routine, and emergency maintenance for building interiors and exteriors.  Skilled trades and interdepartmental teamwork from carpentry to plumbing, from electrical to life safety maintenance keeping the campus functioning smoothly.  These services are provided for all buildings owned by the University.

Building Services is often the first to respond to emergencies and urgent needs of students, faculty, and administration, creating a campus environment conducive to learning, safety, and personal development with the following as its purpose

  • To provide accessible and appropriately maintained university facilities to meet the academic, recreational, and personal needs of all students, faculty, staff, and administration within the campus community.
  • To serve the legitimate maintenance needs of the campus community in a positive and efficient manner.
  • To provide quality cost effective services by the use of discretionary overtime, the scheduling of work, the propoer use of supplies & equipment, augmentation by contract services where required and a management feedback system for ongoing evaluation.
  • To encourage cooperation & coordination Facilities Services work units as well as with other University departments.
Director of Building Services: Don Turner