Construction Zone

Facilities Services Construction Administration is responsible for overseeing the capital construction on campus.  Major renovations and additions as well as new construction, parking lots and road work are handled by this group.  These projects can result in road and parking lot closings and restricted walkways around the construction sites.  Prior to any type of closing, the campus community will be notified through subscriber email.  Below is a list of current construction projects taking place across the Middle Tennessee State University campus.

Academic Classroom Bldg.

July 2020

Construct a new collaborative academic classroom building for the College of Behavioral & Health Sciences and the Departments of Criminal Justice, Psychology and Social Work.

KUC Mechanical & HVAC Upgrade

July 2020

Remove/replace existing mechanical, HVAC, controls equipment & associated electrical systems.

Parking Services Building

November 2020

Construct a Parking Services Facility to include facilities for Parking Services, bus maintenance spaces, roadway, parking lot, and other related site improvements.

Mechanical & Electrical Updates for Data/Communication Centers

July 2020

Data Center HVAC Upgrades for WMOT, Telecom, Cope & Dyslexia Center.

KOM HVAC Upgrades

August 2020

Replacement of the HVAC system in the Kirksey Old Main Building and all related work.

Multiple Buildings Roof Replacement

October 2020

Replace roofs on the Wiser Patten Building, Cogen and Chiller Plant.

KUC/McCallie Dining Renovations

August 2020

Upgrade and renovate dining facilities.

Several Building Roof Replacements

September 2020

Reroof Project Help and finish parts of VIS, SFA & KUC that haven't been replaced.

Piping & Manhole Replacement A

September 2020

Replace the steam and condensate lines between the McFarland Building and an existing manhole to the SW.

Murphy Center ADA Restroom Renovation

August 2020

Adding new accessible restrooms in the office level.

AMG Gym Floor Replacement

August 2020

Replace gym floor.

Campus Stormwater BMP Phase I

September 2020

Plan and construct infrastructure improvements for campus storm water system.