The Facilities Services Way

Facilities Services people are the key to success. We have recognized the importance of treating each other fairly and with respect. We will enhance these beliefs by building upon the following values and principles.

  • Honesty and Integrity
    We are honest with ourselves and others. Our integrity is exhibited through relationships with co-workers, customers, suppliers, and neighbors. Our goal is truth in all relationships.

  • Fairness
    We treat each other as we expect to be treated.

  • Trust
    We are empowered to manage our areas of responsibility. We work together to achieve common goals for business success. Full participation, cooperation, and open communication lead to superior results.

  • Diversity
    We value different points of view. Men and women from different races, cultures, and backgrounds enrich the generation and usefulness of these different points of view. We create an environment that enables all employees to reach their full potential in pursuit of company objectives.

  • Employee Well Being
    We have a safe, healthy, and desirable workplace. Stability of employment is given high priority. Growth in employee skills is essential. Recognition for contributions and full utilization of employees' capabilities promote job satisfaction.

  • Citizenship
    We are valued by our community for our contributions as individuals and as a company. We protect public health and safety and the environment by being good stewards.

  • Winning Attitude
    Our can-do attitude and desire for excellence drive continual improvement, making us winners in everything we do.