Moving Request Form

This form is to request moving of furniture and equipment. Incomplete information may delay the processing of your request.

If you are completing this form for someone else, please give the name and phone number of the person who Facilities Services can contact for additional information. In completing the below form, be as specific as possible so the problem can be easily located.


When this form is submitted, it generates an email to the appropriate person at MTSU. Emails are monitored for trends, completion, and priority.

****If this work request is not completed within two weeks, please complete the request for a status report. It is assumed all work requests submitted are completed unless there is a request for a status report. Please notice that only emergency requests are completed within 24 hours. The conditions for an emergency priority are provided below.****

Definitions of priority choices:

Emergency - Any condition which left unattended may cause bodily injury or property damage; unbearable environmental conditions in any occupied area; loss of electrical, heating/cooling or water/sewage service to a building or a major portion of a building; loss of essential services or equipment in housing unit areas. Please call the numbers listed at the top of this page for an emergency.

Urgent/Breakdown - Repair required within two working days to provide essential services, prevent excessive property damage, correct unsafe conditions and cover emergency conditions which are not severe enough to be classified as immediate emergency work requests.

Priority - Same as urgent/breakdown except repair required within three working days.

Routine - All other requests are classified as routine and will be completed as soon as scheduling constraints and availability of resources will allow.