Important Dates

Fall Semester 2019 (August 26 - December 12, 2019)

Academic Calendar 2019 Fall

Decemeber 6 - 12 - Final Examinations: Automatic F if absent from Final

{Final exams for Dr. O's MATH classes will be as scheduled (Final Exams for Dr. O's classes). Make plans to arrive 15 minutes early for your final exam.

Bring the following items with you:

  1.  Scantron # 4521 answer sheet (large, blue; buy at bookstore; print name, last, first, and leave remainder blank; you may bring this to me anytime during the semester and I will hold it for you),
  2. #2 lead pencil,
  3. graphing calculator (see syllabus).

Cell phones and other smart devices MUST be off and out of sight during exam.

NO ONE leaves the exam during the period unless finished with the final. If you need to leave, then you are finished with the final and will not be allowed to return to the room during the final exam period of 2 hours.

I will provide scratch paper (to be taken up after exam, with your name, course-section, exam number, and date on it), exams, and directions for filling out answer sheet information. I WILL NOT bring extra answer sheets (OK, maybe 1 or 2).}