Dr. Evelyn Blanch-Payne


Dr. Evelyn Blanch-Payne
(615) 898-5027
Room 365, Jones Hall (JH)
MTSU Box 87, Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Office Hours

*SPRING 2018*


Degree Information

  • Ph.D., Kent State University (2001)
  • M.A., University of Dayton (1976)
  • B.S., Tennessee State University (1973)

Areas of Expertise

Learning Styles and Teaching Strategies


Dr. Blanch-Payne is one of the co-authors of the textbook entitled, Psychology:  With Spotlights on Diversity that is in its 3rd edition.  She was a contributing writer to The Handbook for Enhancing Undergraduate Education in Psychology for the American Psychological Association and Introduction to Psychology (a textbook used at Clark Atlanta University Psychology Department).   Dr. Blanch-Payne has presented at many professional conferences and conducted workshops on  Stress at the Workplace, Performance Anxiety from Inside Out, Mind Power: The Art of Concentration, How to Increase Your Motivation, and Diversity at Workplace:  A Changing Working Environment.  In addition, she has served as the Principle Investigator for a Title III research grant, and as a Faculty Fellow at John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA. She has been named the recipient of numerous teaching awards, including Outstanding Teaching, Most Distinguished Faculty Member, Student Choice Award, and Who's Who Among American Teachers Award in 2000, 2002, and 2005. She was also recently listed among the Great Women of the 21st Century.

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