Financial Literacy Month is April and each year we hope to have a month of activities scheduled such as : Game of Life, tabling in STU, PLINKO, Partner Presentations, and Financial Literacy Presentations.

Current and Future Presentations

(*events listed are tentative)

Date Day Time Location Course/ Event
April 6, 2023 Thursday 10am-2pm Rec Center Game of Life
April 7, 2023 Friday 11am-1pm SU Atrium Plinko
April 10, 2023 Monday 10am-11:30am SU 224 How to Find Free Money with Scholarships
April 10, 2023 Monday 1pm-2:30pm SU 224 Understanding Credit
April 12, 2023 Wednesday 1pm-2pm SU 220 Budgeting
April 14, 2023 Friday 1pm-2pm SU 220 Investment Basics
April 17, 2023 Monday 11am-1pm SU Atrium Plinko
April 19, 2023 Wednesday 1pm-2pm SU Gallery Financial Planning Basics
April 24, 2023 Monday 11am-1pm SU Atrium Plinko
April 25, 2023 Tuesday 1pm-2pm SU Gallery Identity Theft

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