• allows students to explore many unique career possibilities in forensic science
  • provides a 'real life' reason to tackle higher level math and science courses
  • develops skills in team work, seeing and understanding details, critical thinking, and presentations



The student investigators are presented with a re-creation of an actual crime scene. They are divided into several teams, and a forensic professional directs and coaches the students as they use math and science to solve the crime.

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  CSI TeamworkCSI Fingerprinting

Each student is trained in the fundamental processes of collecting evidence including DNA, fingerprints, hair and fibers, simulated blood spatter, and shoe prints. Additionally, they learn how to process the evidence, conduct interviews, and formulate theories while working within a team environment.


winning team

During the last afternoon of the camp, teams make a presentation detailing their theories of the crime and the conclusions that are reached. Team conclusions will be critiqued by a panel of judges. Parents are welcome to come to the last camp session.

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"This camp was a great opportunity for me to steal a glimpse into various forensic careers and see all the exciting things they do each and every day. I have been considering a job in forensics, and this camp let me step into their shoes for a week and experience it first-hand. I would like to thank you so much for allowing me to attend the CSI camp. It was a rewarding experience that I will never forget." ~Former Camper

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