Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) Team

Hannah,Devin,Tabatha,Leah in Hawaii

Congratulations to FASR Team Members,Tabatha Wadford, Devin Adcox, Hannah Newcomb, and Leah  Vanderbush for successfully completing “The Human Skeleton in Forensic Anthropology and Medicine” course taught by Dr. Bob Mann at the University of Hawaii.


The Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) Team is a student team under the direction of Dr. Hugh Berryman. Founded in 2006, this team was assembled to assist law enforcement in the recovery and documentation of skeletal remains from crime scenes. Additionally, the team works with the State Medical Examiner's Office to identify unknown skeletal remains. This interdisciplinary team is composed of a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students from various majors such as anthropology, criminal justice, biology, chemistry, and psychology. Members are selected through a competitive and extensive application process with consideration given to those experienced in human osteology, forensic anthropology, and archaeological field work, along with other scientific laboratory and research interests.

Besides assisting in the recovery and documentation of skeletal remains, FASR Team members participate in community outreach and research. Community outreach activities include assisting with FIRE events and conferences as well as providing lectures and hands-on activities for area schools and civic organizations. FASR Team members are encouraged to conduct their own research projects and are provided assistance through FIRE. Many FASR Team members, both graduate and undergraduate, have presented papers based on their research at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. This prestigious organization has over 6,000 members from over 70 countries. Many members of AAFS are professionals who have access to graduate programs at universities or manage scientific laboratories with employment opportunities. Presentations at AAFS and similar meetings provide excellent additions to a student's curriculum vitae, and professional meeting attendance provides an excellent opportunity to network.

Membership on the FASR Team provides students access to opportunities that can build an impressive curriculum vitae and better position the student for graduate programs and employment prospects! Click on the link below to apply to become a member of this unique team.

FASR Team 19-20
Back: Devin Adcox, Simon Pergande, Cole Buffalini, Kasey Bowe, Joe Kindoll, Summer Shipley
Front:  Emma Kendall, Tabatha Wadford, Miquellie Bonner, Sunny Lusins, Reaunna Morgan, Fiona McLeish, Hannah Guthrie
Not Pictured: Kendall Denney
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