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How you can make a difference

Would you like to know what you can do to support the 1 for All campaign and the First Amendment? Read on:

A quick study

Please check out the history of the 1 for All campaign, and read 7 things you need to know about the First Amendment. You might also want to explore our First Amendment Encyclopedia, developed in partnership with the John Seigenthaler Chair for Excellence in First Amendment Studies. It’s the most comprehensive (and absolutely free) resource on the First Amendment in the world, and particularly valuable to students and educators.

Ways you can help build understanding

Teachers: Check out our teachers’ guides to showcase the First Amendment in your classroom. We also ask teachers to tell us their own success stories on how best to teach the First Amendment. We’d like to share your insights with others. Write to

Students: Bookmark the First Amendment Encyclopedia. When you have an essay to write or a free-speech question to answer, it’s all here, clearly explained, with minimal legalese. And watch for our national social media competition coming in 2020.

Parents: Every child in America can recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but few know the First Amendment. Please take an occasional dinner hour (or half-hour) to talk with your kids about the First Amendment and the news, and be sure to explain how people of good faith can disagree with each other.

Colleges: Apply for our grants and for PR campaign grants to host First Amendment programs on campus. We want to support creative ideas that truly engage your students.

Journalists: First Amendment issues crop up all the time in America’s communities. Please use that news coverage to truly inform your readers and audience about how these five freedoms shore up our democracy. We’re here to help at our news hotline: 615/898-2195. Journalists only, please.

Media: Please read how to become a friend of 1 for All (no check required) and consider running ads (print, TV, radio and web) to support the First Amendment.

Organizations: As with the media, we need your names on our roster of friends. Your endorsement of our work will help us build visibility and credibility, two elements critical to our development efforts. To join us, write to

Donors: A nonprofit organization that supports free speech and provides educational resources needs financial support. Please consider donating by clicking on Donate Now (upper right), reviewing our Case for Support, or writing to Any donation is welcome and puts you on our roster of First Amendment supporters.

Questions? You can reach us at Be sure your email address is included in the body of your message.

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