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'Shut Up and Dance'

"Shut Up and Dance" is a new program of 1 for All that will engage your students on free speech, civility, diversity and democracy, and it's now available for campus bookings.

A thoroughly entertaining and engaging concert with multimedia and narration, the show tells the story of America’s social struggles and progress through pop, rock, gospel, soul, country and hip-hop music.

The Shut Up and Dance cast.

The “Shut Up and Dance” band is made up of extraordinary young musicians who have performed with the likes of Eminem and Kacey Musgraves, or on The Voice or American Idol.

The narrator is Ken Paulson, host of “The Songwriters,” a television show seen on PBS affiliates nationwide. “Shut Up and Dance” features contemporary songs by Beyonce’, Lorde, John Legend, Common and Taylor Swift, alongside vintage anthems by Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Sam Cooke.

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