MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – The Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University has announced the winners in the first round of 1 for All First Amendment public relations grants.

They include:

The $2,000 grants support college public relations and strategic communications professors who wish to give their students hands-on PR campaign experience while building awareness and understanding of the First Amendment.

Under their professors’ supervision, students develop and carry out the campus PR campaigns, treating the First Amendment as the client. Campaigns can be designed to engage the students’ interests and reflect the culture of their campuses.

The PR campaigns develop student skills in areas including, but not limited to, strategic planning, social media, advertising, media relations, audience research and analysis, graphic design, project management, and event planning.

“We’re very pleased to recognize some of the most creative professors in public relations and strategic media education, all with a commitment to ensuring that today’s college students have a clear understanding of the importance of the First Amendment to our democracy,” said Ken Paulson, director of the Free Speech Center and founder of the 1 for All educational program.

About a third of Americans can’t name a single freedom in the First Amendment, according to surveys by the Freedom Forum Institute’s First Amendment Center. Only two percent of Americans can name all five – freedom of speech, press, religion and the rights of assembly and petition.

“It’s innovative educators like these who will help stem the tide of constitutional illiteracy and incivility we see across the country,” Paulson said.

Professors or student PR organizations can apply for the grants simply by sending an email to and making the request. A confirmation will come within 48 hours.

Paulson said the $2,000 grants can be used in any way that builds awareness and increases understanding of the First Amendment, including for promotional materials, event support, or other outreach.

The campus PR effort is a project of 1 for All and the Free Speech Center at MTSU. The effort is completely nonpartisan and educational.

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